New York Times, Tuesday, August 16, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ at the Bat CASEY
Adequate space to move around … as found in this puzzle’s circled letters? ELBOWROOM
Amazes STUNS
Backing, or the name of Athena’s shield AEGIS
Baking meas. TBSP
BBs, e.g. AMMO
Bear’s lair DEN
Bone in the arm ULNA
Built like a weightlifter MUSCLY
Bygone fridge ICEBOX
Classic Camaro model IROC
Collection of online musings BLOG
Common mixer TONIC
Commuting option RAIL
Commuting option BUS
Concordes, e.g., in brief SSTS
Creep (up on) SNEAK
Crux of the matter GIST
Cry from the curb TAXI
Dance done to “Hava Nagila” HORA
Depot: Abbr. STN
Down on the scoreboard LOSING
Eager to get out STIRCRAZY
Early Peruvians INCAS
Element in some food product advertising TASTETEST
Elitist sort SNOB
Embarrassing sound when bending over RIP
Errand runners AIDES
Fancy scarf ASCOT
Fastener for a bracelet CLASP
Fast-food chain with square burgers WENDYS
Fitting abbr. hidden in “second nature” DNA
Food fight locale CAFETERIA
Historic Mideast city where Samson died GAZA
Host of Netflix’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” LETTERMAN
In accordance with PER
In the unfortunate event that LEST
Interlocking puzzle JIGSAW
Interpretation of a situation READ
Item that might be hidden under a front door mat KEY
Kimono sash OBI
Later! BYE
Like neon and argon INERT
Love of Caesar AMOR
Major artery AORTA
Maker of Brownie Brick Road ice cream EDYS
Moral transgressions SINS
Motorboat’s trail WAKE
Moves like a baby CRAWLS
Old-fashioned alternative to Venmo or Zelle CASH
One ___ many TOO
Oral equivalent of a nudge PSST
Over it all JADED
Picnic playwright INGE
Poker payment ANTE
Powerful adhesive : SUPERGLUE
Pretentious ARTY
Promise to do after being elected RUNON
Rap’s ___, the Creator TYLER
Reach 212 F, as water BOIL
Reprimand, with “down” DRESS
Sale rack abbr. IRR
Seven Dwarfs ___ Train (Disney World ride) MINE
Shivering fit AGUE
Slip up GOOF
Small musical group DUO
Southern constellation ARA
Spanish friend AMIGA
Sport with a coxswain CREW
Spruce up NEATEN
Ten pins in two bowls SPARE
Vacuum brand ORECK
Weighty work TOME
Well informed about UPON
Win easily ROMP
Window part PANE
Yammer away GAB
Yang’s counterpart YIN

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