New York Times, Tuesday, August 2, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ driver (side hustle, for some) UBER
___ Grand MGM
Allowing a cross-breeze, say AIRY
Anatomical pouch SAC
Another name for the Crimson Tide BAMA
Apt anagram of VILE EVIL
Arkansas governor Hutchinson ASA
Ballet move PLIE
Brouhaha RUMPUS
By way of VIA
Campaign pro POL
Caustic agent : LYE
Certain tow job, informally REPO
City built on 118 small islands VENICE
Cologne ingredient MUSK
Deli offerings MEATS
Driver’s one-eighty UEY
Earthly paradise EDEN
Eldest von Trapp child in “The Sound of Music” LIESL
Electrically stun TASE
Eye parts UVEAS
Eyed rudely OGLED
Fairy tale monsters OGRES
Foam alternative, in shaving GEL
Follower of TV or World SERIES
Give the go-ahead ASSENT
Give-or-take fig. EST
In remembrance of former days FOROLDTIMESSAKE
It’s more than a ding DENT
Kind of planet DWARF
King Kong, for one APE
Late-night show starting in 2003 JIMMYKIMMELLIVE
Lemon juice and vinegar, for two ACIDS
Letter-shaped dress cut ALINE
Like the deities Loki and Freya NORSE
Little dipper? TOE
Little taste SIP
Lo-o-o-ong time AEON
Mamma ___! MIA
Many a four-door SEDAN
Moon-landing acronym LEM
Mythical ship guarded by Hera ARGO
Nimrod DOLT
Nincompoop ASS
One-named Irish singer ENYA
Org. that takes many forms IRS
Palindromic rental DVD
Peeve IRK
Perfect score in diving TEN
Phobia FEAR
Place for a gig VENUE
Portfolio piece, for short IRA
Product-testing nonprofit since 1936 CONSUMERREPORTS
Propper noun? EASEL
Rest-and-relaxation retreat SPA
Rose bouquet NOSE
Scrip writers MDS
See 63-Across STEVEN
Service call? LET
Soaked WET
Some letter-shaped hardware UBOLTS
Star Wars nickname ANI
Survivor locale in the South Pacific SAMOA
Swearing-in words … or a hint to 17-, 22-, 48- and 55-Across REPEATAFTERME
Swedish currency KRONA
The Lion King patriarch MUFASA
Touch down, say ARRIVE
Twosome ITEM
Vaccine shot, in British lingo JAB
Well … I guess UMOKAY
What’s missing from matzo YEAST
Wishful sort DREAMER
With 46-Down, all square EVEN
Ya get my drift? FEELME

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