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New York Times, Tuesday, August 24, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
___ review PEER
___-cone SNO
*Computer program that blurs out military installations GOOGLEEARTH
*Facility where things are always looking up? PLANETARIUM
*Iconic photograph taken by Voyager 1 at the request of Carl Sagan PALEBLUEDOT
*Miniaturized reference POCKETATLAS
58 minutes past the hour TWOTO
A grand slam nets four of these, for short RBIS
A long line may be waiting for this, in brief TSA
Admission of defeat ILOST
Alan of “The Aviator” ALDA
Amy Winehouse, vocally ALTO
Antinarcotic org. DEA
Bath powders TALCS
Bread that can be split open to contain a filling PITA
Captain’s place HELM
Class for some immigrants, in brief ESL
Coming out the ears, so to speak GALORE
Cousin of Inc. LLC
Dance genre TAP
Deli fixture with a store of bread? ATM
Dish that may burn your mouth CHILI
Estimate from an insurance adjuster DAMAGE
Features of some Norse funerals PYRES
Future doc’s exam MCAT
Gaping mouth MAW
Glass of “This American Life” IRA
Go (for) OPT
Gossip that gets “spilled” TEA
Greta Thunberg, by nationality SWEDE
Here, in Paris ICI
Heretofore ERENOW
I Love Lucy landlady ETHEL
I see now AHH
In the past AGO
Info texted to an airport pickup driver ETA
It has its genesis in Genesis TORAH
Kind of sauce that may come in packets SOY
Land of Blarney EIRE
Late-blooming flower ASTER
Letter before upsilon TAU
Like many a cliff or coincidence SHEER
Locks that are picked WIG
Luminous AGLOW
Mean marks, for short? GPA
Newswoman Roberts COKIE
Not disturb, as sleeping dogs LETLIE
Orchestra section REEDS
Org. with a staff of veterinarians ASPCA
Peculiar ODD
Period with start and end dates ERA
Periods just past noon, informally AFTS
Polite announcements of one’s presence AHEMS
Prove useful AVAIL
Pyramids typically have eight of them EDGES
Same here IDOTOO
Santa ___, Calif. CLARA
See 32-Across YOU
See 32-Across THEWORLD
Separate wheat from chaff THRESH
Single-celled creature AMOEBA
Starting from the beginning DENOVO
Surveilled before a heist CASED
Take by force USURP
That’s gotta hurt! OOF
The Cowardly Lion, literally SCAREDYCAT
The Devil Wears ___ PRADA
The Matrix protagonist NEO
Tree with durable wood REDELM
Vehicle with Vatican City registration plates POPEMOBILE
Verbal stumbles UHS
Went too long, as a sentence RANON
With 39- and 44-Across, promise that Aladdin sings to Jasmine (and a hint to the answers to the starred clues) ICANSHOW
Wry reply to “How’d you do that?” MAGIC
Zip your lip! HUSH