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New York Times, Tuesday, August 25, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘How adorable!’ AWW
‘Snowy’ bird EGRET
‘That was close!’ WHEW
‘___ bite!’ ILL
16-ounce sirloin that Shylock brought to the cookout? THEPOUNDOFFLESH
1960s counterculture guru Timothy LEARY
A bit cracked AJAR
Actress Tara REID
Adjective for Caroline SWEET
Alternative to Levi’s LEES
Aretha Franklin’s genre RANDB
Armed guard, perhaps ESCORT
Barracks item COT
Bit of animation CEL
Brain test, in brief EEG
Capri has a blue one GROTTO
Casual shirt TEE
Chew someone out, maybe RANT
Cry from Hamlet when he spotted his favorite spice mix at the cookout? AYTHERESTHERUB
Currency of Serbia DINAR
Department store eponym KOHL
Donna of old TV REED
Dow Jones, e.g INDEX
Either of two wives of King Henry VIII ANNE
End part TAIL
English city north of Sheffield LEEDS
Europe’s tallest volcano ETNA
Fat in some piecrusts LARD
First Nobel laureate from Ireland YEATS
Fish with no pelvic fins EEL
Flood embankment LEVEE
Fraternity activity RUSH
Genuine REAL
Handfuls for a babysitter IMPS
Image in an sonogram FETUS
Jerk, slangily TOOL
Lady Macbeth’s declaration upon checking the steaks at the cookout? WHATSDONEISDONE
Las Vegas player RAIDER
Laudatory poem ODE
Leatherworking implements AWLS
Legend of pop music JOHN
Like a fireplace the morning after, say ASHY
Like an area that’s off-limits NOGO
Like wine and cheese, typically AGED
Lure deceptively ROPEIN
Madame, across the Rhine FRAU
Maker of the first mass-produced car with an all-aluminum body ACURA
Mark Antony’s request to the farmer when he realized he didn’t have enough corn for the cookout? LENDMEYOUREARS
Member of an elite team SEAL
Old isle of exile ELBA
One less than penta- TETRA
Opposite of tautness SLACK
Patella’s place KNEE
PC component CPU
Perch for a mountain goat CRAG
Quarterback ___ SNEAK
Recessed, as eyes DEEPSET
Reluctant to make eye contact, maybe SHY
Roald who wrote ‘The BFG’ DAHL
Rust, chemically OXIDE
Sand castle destroyer WAVE
Show literacy READ
Some Four Corners natives UTES
Spring time LENT
Things guitarists and prospectors both use PICKS
Things that rhythm lacks? AEIOU
Things to get in order AFFAIRS
Three on a sundial III
Toast, essentially BREAD
Unexciting Yahtzee roll PAIR
Voting no ANTI
Weapon with two accents in its name EPEE
White House worker AIDE
William who took a bow TELL
Word often followed by a colon NOTE
___ & Perrins (sauce brand) LEA
___ terrier SKYE