New York Times, Tuesday, August 9, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ Today USA
1st-yr. law students ONELS
Anxious ONEDGE
April Fools’ exclamation GOTYA
Argentine writer ___ Luis Borges JORGE
Biblical site for the battle depicted in this puzzle VALLEYOFELAH
Big name in French fashion DIOR
Big Ten addition announced in 2022 UCLA
Blemish MAR
Blemish, so to speak WART
Carnival offerings RIDES
Catch my drift? YKNOW
Catch sight of SPOT
Certain flat screen, in brief LEDTV
Classic underdog DAVID
Cookie in cookies ‘n cream ice cream OREO
Defeat by a show of hands, say OUTVOTE
Espresso diluted with hot water AMERICANO
Facebook’s parent company META
Familiar with USEDTO
Fashionable, in France ENVOGUE
Flatters in order to boost self-esteem EGOMASSAGES
Forensic TV franchise CSI
Four: Prefix TETRA
Give off EMIT
Govt. security TNOTE
Guacamole ingredient ONION
Hebrew Bible text with the story depicted in this puzzle BOOKOFSAMUEL
High-calorie dessert TORTE
Hoovervilles during the Great Depression, e.g. SHANTYTOWNS
Issue for a punter or field goal kicker LOWSNAP
Kind of wrestling SUMO
La ____ (neighborhood of San Diego) JOLLA
Lace work? TYING
Luxurious POSH
Makeup of Joan Didion’s “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” ESSAYS
Many, informally LOTSA
Medicinal liquid TINCT
Missouri River tributary OSAGE
Monkey business? ZOO
Neighbors to keep up with JONESES
One known for living large and getting stoned? GOLIATH
Own (up) FESS
Party bowlful DIP
Pinnacle ACME
Polite assent YESMAAM
Premium subscriptions often remove them ADS
Put in stitches SEW
Ramp taken by a skier INRUN
Rapa ___ (Easter Island) NUI
Routing word VIA
Russia’s ___ Mountains URAL
Scrooge’s clerk CRATCHIT
Serviceable OFUSE
Sorta ISH
Stands the test of time ENDURES
Sure … why not! LETS
This ___ unfair! ISSO
Tolstoy’s Karenina ANNA
Tony ___, tennis champ of the 1950s TRABERT
Tool that’s a homophone of 9-Across ADZE
Touched down ALIT
Twin in Genesis ESAU
Van Halen song that starts “I get up, and nothin’ gets me down” JUMP
Washington M.L.B.ers NATS
Wealthy nonworkers IDLERICH
What “C” faucets are in Italy, confusingly HOT
Win every game of a series SWEEP
Works and works and works TOILS
Wrong thing to say when you’re actually lying? LAYING
Yoga class accessories MATS

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