New York Times, Tuesday, July 12, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
[Urgent! Urgent!] REDALERT
___ Arbor, Mich. ANN
___ Lama DALAI
___ mater ALMA
___/her/hers SHE
Accomplish on behalf of DOFOR
Actress/comedian Issa RAE
Alan of “Marriage Story” ALDA
All right, fine with me OKSURE
Approximate length of 57-Across TWENTYFOURHOURS
Apt name for a car mechanic? OTTO
Beer barrel KEG
Bird related to the cassowary EMU
Body’s internal clock patterns, regulated by the phenomenon seen in the circled letters SLEEPWAKECYCLES
City with a Little Havana neighborhood MIAMI
Counterpart of rouge, in roulette NOIR
Danish shoe manufacturer ECCO
Dark time NIGHT
Descriptor of the 1%? LOWFAT
Fashion designer von Furstenberg DIANE
Feature of an impala … or an Impala HORN
Fit well together MESH
Freeway feature RAMP
Frilly and delicate LACY
Garment worn with a choli SARI
Go on the offensive ATTACK
Handles very roughly MAULS
Honey-yellow color AMBER
Id restrainer EGO
Italian city known for its salami GENOA
It’s warmed at Chipotle TORTILLA
Kill it at the comedy club SLAY
Leftovers CRUMBS
Light time DAY
Like jigsaw puzzle pieces produced by machines DIECUT
Like one’s legs after too many squats, say ACHY
Long ways to go? LIMOS
Male meower TOMCAT
Many characters in “Guardians of the Galaxy” ALIENS
Mauna ___ Observatory LOA
Midsize Nissan ALTIMA
Movie co. with a presence at Sundance IFC
Multicolored in blotches PIED
N.B.A. legend Jason KIDD
Nimble for one’s age SPRY
Not slack TAUT
Now I get it! OHH
OB/___ GYN
One end of a battery ANODE
One of nearly 15,000 in Manhattan ACRE
One small sample ATASTE
Org. concerned with air traffic FAA
Physicist Georg with electrifying discoveries? OHM
Pitcher’s asset ARM
Potato salad ingredient, for short MAYO
Puccini opera set in Rome TOSCA
Pull some strings? STRUM
Put off for later DEFER
Raise ___ (cause trouble) CAIN
Rap’s MC ___ REN
Retort to “I am not!” ARESO
Small ornamental loop PICOT
Start of a conclusion THUS
Tender meat cut LOIN
That’s not true LIE
The Spartans of the N.C.A.A., for short MSU
Tight-fitting women’s garment CORSET
Toffee candy bar brand HEATH
Top-notch AONE
Understand, informally GROK
Utah’s capital, in brief SLC
Voter in a certain early caucus IOWAN
Wanna participate? YOUIN
Warmed the benc AT
What synopses summarize PLOTS
Wood for a grilling plank CEDAR
Words on the smallest current U.S. coin ONEDIME

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