New York Times, Tuesday, July 19, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘… ___ with his own petard’: Hamlet HOIST
‘Let me think …’ UMM
‘Performers’ in a tiny circus FLEAS
‘The Addams Family’ cousin ITT
‘The Family Circus’ cartoonist BILKEANE
‘What did the ___ do when it was still hungry? Went back four seconds!’ (dad joke) CLOCK
‘Who, me?’ AMI
1/640 of a square mile ACRE
Angrily stops playing a game, in modern parlance RAGEQUITS
Archaeologist’s find RELIC
Aspiring J.D.’s exam LSAT
Autumn FALL
Bear, in Spanish OSO
Beelike APIAN
Bet on every competitor but one BACKTHEFIELD
Big chip off the old block? FLOE
Boots from office OUSTS
Bum around London? ARSE
Common Market inits EEC
Conforms to expectations TOESTHELINE
Confront unpleasant consequences FACETHEMUSIC
Divans, e.g SOFAS
Donkey sound BRAY
Edward who wrote ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ ALBEE
Football stat: Abbr ATT
Forbidden-sounding fragrance TABU
Former Chinese premier Zhou ___ ENLAI
Gasoline or kerosene FUEL
Get more mileage out of REUSE
Golfer’s pocketful TEES
Gridiron play callers, for short QBS
Hammed it up on stage EMOTED
Have a meal EAT
Iberian wine city OPORTO
Ingredient in a Reuben SAUERKRAUT
Ivan the Terrible, for one TSAR
Knee part, for short ACL
Leaves in a hurry BOLTS
Letter after pi RHO
Little twerp SNOT
Many jukebox songs OLDIES
Many Scott Joplin compositions RAGS
Misplace LOSE
Monomaniacal captain of fiction AHAB
Mushers’ vehicles SLEDS
Nuclear trials, for short ATESTS
Old Testament twin ESAU
One of three in ‘To be or not to be’ IAMB
One trained in CPR EMT
Pay for something expensive FOOTTHEBILL
Peru’s capital LIMA
Precursor to rocksteady and reggae SKA
Protection AEGIS
Sets of points, in geometry LOCI
Shade of gray ASH
Shakespeare, e.g BARD
Sharpen, as a knife HONE
Shrimp ___ (seafood dish made with garlic butter) SCAMPI
Sits on a sill, as a pie COOLS
Skye of ‘Say Anything …’ IONE
Small musical group COMBO
Smidgen MITE
Some temperature extremes HIGHS
Sounds of hesitation ERS
Taiwanese computer brand ACER
Take responsibility for a misdeed SHOULDERTHEBLAME
Tennis Hall-of-Famer Gibson ALTHEA
They may be released while scuba diving AIRBUBBLES
Topic for debate ISSUE
Triumphant shout YES
Typeface akin to Helvetica ARIAL
Upscale boarding kennel DOGHOTEL
Wear the crown REIGN
Word after spring or summer on a menu ROLL
Word before peeve or project PET
Worshipful love ADORATION
Writer Stephen Vincent ___ BENET
___ Gate, marvel of Babylonian architecture ISHTAR
___ Khan, Yuan Dynasty founder KUBLAI

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