New York Times, Tuesday, July 5, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
*Get over a minor injury, say SHAKEITOFF
*Like daredevils, seemingly FEARLESS
*Little one in arms BABE
*Start of a classic breakup letter DEARJOHN
*Visibly embarrassed RED
*Workplace for the Seven Dwarfs MINE
___ Gagarin, first person in space YURI
___ Song, 2007 hit that begins “I was ridin’ shotgun with my hair undone” OUR
Abominable Snowman (probably) HOAX
Accumulate AMASS
Apiece PER
As well ALSO
Basis for a lawsuit TORT
Become one MERGE
Canada’s oldest national park BANFF
Caramel-filled candy ROLO
City with a famous tower PISA
Covid-19, slangily RONA
Deep chasm ABYSS
Desires YENS
Differ VARY
Display from a knight VALOR
Divulge LETON
Element of doubt? SILENTB
Encouraged URGED
Fender bender reminders DENTS
Formerly the largest country in Africa, but since 2011 the third-largest SUDAN
Grow older AGE
Head of state in Qatar EMIR
Hornet’s home NEST
Household gas that may require mitigation RADON
Influence that’s often unconscious BIAS
La ___-Posay (skin-care brand) ROCHE
Look a little here, a little there BROWSE
Lost control, informally FREAKED
Meadowland LEA
Mental picture IMAGE
Mischievous creature of folklore ELF
Much obliged IOWEYOU
New York theater award OBIE
Nuts and bolts drawer? MAGNET
One in a cast ACTOR
Orchestral instrument with a bell key OBOE
Part of a drivetrain AXLE
Perfect, as a romance STORYBOOK
Place to say “I do” ALTAR
Planted for future reaping SOWN
Reach for greedily GRABAT
Sculler’s need OAR
Second attempts REDOS
Send nude pics, maybe SEXT
Sing loudly, with “out” BELT
Singing snowman in Disney’s “Frozen” OLAF
Something a renegade may break or ignore RULE
Southernmost part of Scandinavia DENMARK
Spoken ORAL
Swimmer’s set LAPS
Symbol over the “i” in the Tropicana logo LEAF
Take stealthily, informally YOINK
Taylor ___, some of whose hit songs are featured in the answers to the starred clues SWIFT
That’s my cue! IMON
The “E” of Q.E.D. ERAT
Things made by doctors and bartenders ROUNDS
Tiny bell sound DING
Understand GRASP
Unit in a birth announcement OUNCE
Virtual greeting ECARD
Way out EXIT
Way out DOOR
We won’t be serving alcohol, but … BYOB
Weighted with freight LADEN
Well-orchestrated ruses PUTUPJOBS
What all Alaska ZIP codes start with NINE
Word with dressing or days SALAD

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