New York Times, Tuesday, June 14, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ citato (in the passage quoted) LOCO
___ Dhabi ABU
$, %, & or @ SYMBOL
2001: A Space Odyssey antagonist HAL
A live one might be hot MIC
Acid LSD
Artist Henri Toulouse-___ LAUTREC
Big nights before big days EVES
Bit of lightning BOLT
Book-loving Disney princess in a yellow gown BELLE
Bookish sorts NERDS
Bubbling away ABOIL
Card player’s call UNO
Coil in a mattress BEDSPRING
Common conjunctions ORS
Community card between “flop” and “river” in hold’em TURN
Compadre AMIGO
Composer Copland AARON
Cucumber-like, maybe COOL
Defeatist’s assertion ICANT
Dict. offerings DEFS
Easy on Me singer, 2021 ADELE
Easy order for a barista BLACKCOFFEE
Exclamation of epiphany AHA
Feature of five U.S. presidents from Lincoln to Harrison BEARD
Feminine suffix ESS
Flappers in a gaggle GEESE
Furious IRATE
Genre with a Hall of Fame in Cleveland … or what can follow the respective halves of 17-, 33- and 40-Across ROCKANDROLL
Gin flavoring SLOE
Go a-courting? SUE
Hot dish that sounds cold CHILI
Hummus, for one DIP
If ___ Street Could Talk (2018 film) BEALE
Increase, as a pot ADDTO
Intel mission RECON
Inventor’s protection PATENT
It is a tale told by an ___, full of sound and fury: Shak. IDIOT
It’s connected to the tibia FEMUR
Jell-O shapers MOLDS
John of Salisbury LOO
Kylo ___ of “Star Wars” REN
Late singer with a food name MEATLOAF
Letter after pi RHO
Lifelessly dull STERILE
Loopy DAFT
Mont Blanc, for one ALP
More robust HALER
Motley ___ CRUE
Nest egg letters IRA
Not quite ROFL LOL
Ocean invertebrate with a round, translucent body MOONJELLY
Operator of a stud farm BREEDER
Oscar-winning film set partly in Iran ARGO
Outskirts of the outskirts BOONIES
Overstep one’s bounds TRESPASS
Pisa dough? EUROS
Plains figure replaced by Monticello on U.S. nickels BISON
Prevailing tendencies TRENDS
PSAT takers, often JRS
Put down new turf on RESOD
Rights advocacy org. ACLU
Rorschach pattern INKBLOT
Serviceable OFUSE
Sheepish OVINE
Sherwood ___ FOREST
Slushy summer treat ICEE
Some four-stringed instruments, for short UKES
Surprise win UPSET
Take me ___ ASIAM
Taxi CAB
The Waste Land author’s monogram TSE
They play among the reeds OBOISTS
Trumpet’s sound BLARE
Verse that exalts its subject ODE
Water power, informally HYDRO
Whirlpool EDDY

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