New York Times, Tuesday, June 21, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Cross my heart!’ ISWEAR
‘Hold your horses!’ WAIT
‘Knives Out’ actress de Armas ANA
‘Ripped’ SWOLE
‘Silence!’ ZIPIT
‘This is payback!’ NOWWEREEVEN
‘___ Drives Me Crazy’ (Fine Young Cannibals hit) SHE
‘___ House’ (1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young hit) OUR
A.M.A. members: Abbr DRS
Actress Bonet LISA
Arid Mongolian expanse GOBI
Audibly astonished AGASP
Big drag on a fishing expedition? TRAWL
Bit of firepit debris ASH
Bitter ___ END
Bolt’s counterpart NUT
Bull with a horn, informally RHINO
Bullfighter TORERO
Cheese in a Greek salad FETA
City that’s home to the Anne Frank House AMSTERDAM
Constitutional initiative passed in ’72 but never ratified ERA
Container for recycling BIN
Countess’s counterpart EARL
CPR specialists EMTS
Desk item that’s shaken SNOWGLOBE
Destination on a fast-food lover’s bucket list? KFC
Displayed affection from across the room, say BLEWAKISS
Driver’s guide, for short GPS
Edmonton athlete OILER
Emission from a whistling kettle STEAM
Exhibiting poor taste TACKY
Forensics facility at Quantico, Va FBILAB
Fright ___ (gag item) WIG
German bacteriologist who lent his name to a kind of dish PETRI
Grimm sister GRETEL
Having misgivings about RUING
He’s got notions IDEAMAN
Headgear for Laurel or Hardy BOWLERHAT
Hymn player ORGAN
In the style of ALA
Instant … hinted at four times in this puzzle’s circled letters SPLITSECOND
Jump ___ joy FOR
Kylo ___ of ‘Star Wars’ REN
Lacking grace and refinement GAUCHE
Linger TARRY
Manipulate USE
Mireille ___, co-star of AMC’s ‘The Killing’ ENOS
Muscle worked by a kettlebell swing, informally LAT
N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Dawson LEN
Ninja turtle hangout SEWER
One of 24 HOUR
Part of a house that might have a full house POKERROOM
Peach or persimmon FRUIT
Pepper or Friday: Abbr SGT
Piggy, in a nursery rhyme TOE
Place to get a cookie, maybe WEBSITE
Rapper on 1988’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ EAZYE
Self-description for many an expert hobbyist GEEK
Señora Perón EVA
Shoe insert ODOREATER
Small building wing ALETTE
Some jeans LEVIS
Spaghetti, e.g PASTA
Stuck together, in a way GLUED
Surmise INFER
Teri of ‘Mr. Mom’ GARR
The Thinker and others STATUES
The Yoko of ‘Oh Yoko!’ ONO
Toilette water EAU
Undue hurry HASTE
Unwise to the ways of the world NAIVE
Winning AHEAD
Yale, to alums OLDELI
Yearly honor awarded for each N.F.L. position ALLPRO
___ 500 (NASCAR’s ‘Super Bowl’) DAYTONA
___ punk (fusion genre with Jamaican rhythms) SKA
___-mo SLO
___-X GEN

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