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New York Times, Tuesday, June 7, 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
According to ASPER
Actor Mineo SAL
Actress/model Bo DEREK
Anatomical ring AREOLA
Angers IRES
Annoying complainer WHINER
Bail on plans, with “out” FLAKE
Barely manage, with “out” EKE
Basketball stat: Abbr. REB
Big name in jeans LEE
Big times in Silicon Valley … or a hint to 17-, 25-, 35- and 49-Across? TECHBOOMS
Blocked, as a river DAMMED
Brief comment to an audience ASIDE
Coagulate CLOT
Crispy tortilla dish TOSTADA
Degraded ABASED
Did an impression of MIMICKED
Drags out PROLONGS
Existential dread ANGST
Fancy POSH
Fiver ABE
Foamy part of un espresso CREMA
Get out key ESC
Goes bad ROTS
Good buddy speaker CBER
Greyhound station freebie BUSMAP
Honey source CLOVER
How tuna or steak may be served TARTARE
Hurry up! CMON
Impressive venue to sell out ARENA
Indiana pro basketballer PACER
Ingredient in laundry products BORAX
Ingredient in lemon curd YOLK
Light piano piece SONATINA
Litmus ___ TEST
Little brats SNOTS
Mae who said “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure” WEST
Make a goofy appearance in someone else’s picture PHOTOBOMB
Many a Mideasterner ARAB
Message sent to many recipients EMAILBLAST
Much of Chad and Mali SAHARA
Multipost rant online TWEETSTORM
Nevermore speaker, in poetry RAVEN
Not deserved UNDUE
Nova network PBS
Ocean beasts that lack bones, surprisingly SHARKS
Oh, and also …, in a text BTW
Old TV star whose haircut was inspired by Mandinka warriors MRT
Ooh, I need that! GIMME
Pharmacy pickups RXS
Public health org. CDC
Public health org. FDA
Rank below cpl. PFC
Rocky outcroppings CRAGS
Rose or lilac HUE
Schwarzenegger, familiarly ARNIE
Short pants? TROU
Sitcom ET from the planet Melmac ALF
Six-pack contents ABS
Subway line? EATFRESH
Suddenly showed happiness LITUP
Take to a higher court APPEAL
Throw in ADD
Title equivalent to Dame SIR
Tizzy ADO
Tuber type TARO
Twins’ org. MLB
Vivacity ESPRIT
Wads, as paper CRUMPLES
Watching the big game? ONSAFARI
Watercolor and oil, for two MEDIA
What the “spinning beach ball of death” might indicate COMPUTERCRASH
What’s the big idea?! HEY