New York Times, Tuesday, May 17, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ Book Club OPRAHS
___ Miz LES
___ rima (eight-line stanza) OTTAVA
___ trip EGO
911 responder EMT
American Idol airer starting in 2018 ABC
Amy who wrote “The Joy Luck Club” TAN
Baking meas. TBSP
Bouncer’s concern AGE
C, for one NOTE
Class offered at many Y.M.C.A.s ESL
Cries of dismay OYS
Deal (with) COPE
De-weeder HOE
Drink that comes with a buzz cut? DECAFLATTE
Early-season farming task SOWING
Entranced … or what one can do by reading the starts of 17-, 24-, 34-, 44- and 50-Across in order? SPELLBOUND
Et ___ (and others) Et ___ (and others) : ALIA
Female hog SOW
First man, in Polynesian creation myth TIKI
From the top ANEW
Frustrate STYMIE
Garlic squeezer PRESS
Gently touch, either forward or backward PAT
Grind, as one’s teeth GNASH
Having trouble deciding TORN
Help with a job, in a way ABET
Hive minders BEEKEEPERS
Ice cream brand EDYS
In actuality REALLY
In and of ___ ITSELF
Indented part of an outline SUBSECTION
Invalidate NULLIFY
Just sit around daydreaming WOOLGATHER
Kids and their parents GOATS
Line up SYNC
Literally, “on fire” … or, metaphorically, excellent ENFUEGO
Lute ___, longtime Arizona basketball coach OLSON
Many a Hollywood car crash STUNT
Means of tagging in a game LASER
Neatnik’s opposite SLOB
Nickname for Schwarzenegger or Palmer ARNIE
Not just sit around daydreaming ACT
Observed SEEN
Ones calling offsides REFS
Palindromic fashion magazine ELLE
Petulant SULKY
Prepares to get schooled, perhaps ENROLLS
QB’s six-pointer TDPASS
Ride roughshod over TRAMPLE
Rock blaster AMP
Scatter, as flower petals STREW
Sch. affiliated with the Latter-day Saints BYU
Second-most-visited website worldwide, after Google YOUTUBE
Skol!, in Sauternes SALUT
So as not to stand out SUBTLY
Some South Pacific greetings ALOHAS
Staples of West African cuisine YAMS
Sweet Jane songwriter Reed LOU
Tattoo shop supplies INKS
That’s ___ business YOUR
Three coins fountain location TREVI
Twistable snack item OREO
Video chat disruption LAG
Wanted, but nowhere to be found AWOL
West Coast burger chain INNOUT
Winged chatterbox MYNA
Winged hooter OWL
Words before “the stars are brightly shining,” in a carol OHOLYNIGHT
Workhorse that’s only part horse MULE
Yardstick measurement LENGTH
Yummilicious TASTY

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