New York Times, Tuesday, May 24, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
#carpediem YOLO
A long, long time ___ … AGO
Angsty genre EMO
Announcement upon a late arrival HEREIAM
Asset when playing Skee-Ball AIM
Baby deliverers, for short OBS
Bedside buzzer ALARM
Belief system ISM
Bit of gear for a talk show host LAPELMIC
Boyz II ___ MEN
Bye Bye Bye boy band NSYNC
Cacophony DIN
Camping trip rental VAN
Canyon rebound ECHO
Classic lollipop with a “Mystery Flavor” flavor DUMDUM
Comfort SOLACE
Condition that affects executive function, in brief ADHD
Creatures in a pod ORCAS
Crime boss DON
Crunchy, wasabi-coated morsel PEA
Deletion ERASURE
Device associated with the advice “Be kind, rewind” VCR
Dict. listing SYN
Doorbell sound CHIME
Emperor whose mother was Agrippina the Younger NERO
Exactly right DEADON
First in a convoy LEADCAR
Fish that’s an ambush predator EEL
Gave the once-over EYED
Go really, really wrong IMPLODE
Gotcha! AHA
GPS path: Abbr. RTE
Greenpeace, e.g., in brief NGO
Hankerings YENS
Has an open tab, say OWES
Hold lovingly SWADDLE
Home of Miami University OHIO
Jewelry under a sock, perhaps ANKLET
Kids’ party game … or a hint to this puzzle’s circled letters MUSICALCHAIRS
Like Scotch served without ice NEAT
Material much used for Indian dresses RAWSILK
McKellen or McEwan IAN
Me day destination SPA
Mer contents EAU
Mononymous “King of Football” PELE
More likely to daydream, say SPACIER
Movie theater morsel with white sprinkles SNOCAP
Never-been-worn NEW
One getting hailed on Broadway? CAB
Online retailer whose first sale was a broken laser pointer : EBAY
Parodist Yankovic WEIRDAL
People who might bug others SPIES
Place for a poser YOGAMAT
Planets, poetically ORBS
Provider of moral support? PARABLE
Silent communication, for short ASL
Sites of frequent touchdowns AIRPORTS
Some best buds ROOMIES
Stop, in French ARRET
Tech exec CIO
The Raven poet POE
There might be a ring to it EARLOBE
To the extent that ASFARAS
Took to an auto impound TOWED
Video call annoyance LAG
Virtual critters since 1999 NEOPETS
Waves, perhaps SAYSHI
Well-informed (of) ABREAST
What good art can make you do FEEL
What happened now?! OHNO
Wild hog BOAR
Wrench handle? ALLEN
Writer Janowitz TAMA
Writer Rand AYN
You must be this tall to ___ (amusement park sign) RIDE

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