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New York Times, Tuesday, May 31, 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
$$$ dispenser ATMMACHINE
___ It at the Movies (collection of Pauline Kael reviews) ILOST
Actor Hemsworth LIAM
Alternative to Huggies or Luvs CLOTHDIAPER
Angel’s instrument HARP
Baby name that had popularity bumps after the releases of “Frozen” and “Frozen II” ELSA
Barriers to compromise EGOS
Barry with 12 Silver Slugger Awards BONDS
Brand with the flavor Cookie Cobblestone EDYS
Card game in Austen novels WHIST
Cavernous opening MAW
Challenge for a plumber LEAK
Classical queen who cursed a Trojan fleet DIDO
Competition favoring flexible contestants LIMBO
Country in the Mediterranean MALTA
Cry at a World Cup match OLE
Discerning ASTUTE
Figure in many hexes VOODOODOLL
Gait that’s not as fast as a canter TROT
Gathering where one might make a splash POOLPARTY
Group targeted for destruction in “Independence Day” HUMANRACE
Grp. with the 1975 hit “Evil Woman” ELO
Hairy hand PAW
Heavy chorus “instrument” in “Il Trovatore” ANVIL
I.R.S. expert CPA
In which “I’m sorry” shows a closed fist, in brief ASL
Its tributaries are Blue and White NILE
Keep bumping into another punk music fan? MOSH
Less ___ perfect THAN
Like some unbrushed suits LINTY
Many a consumer of trail mix HIKER
Member of a virtual family SIM
More sore ACHIER
Napkin holder LAP
National Zoo attraction PANDA
Nickname for Benedict or Edgar NED
Not supporting ANTI
One in a deep-fried side dish ONIONRING
One of two akimbo ARM
Org. for King James and Dr. J NBA
Org. that might give a grant to a sculptor NEA
Ornery sort CUSS
Place for a royal flush? LOO
Place for splits and spares BOWLINGLANE
Plenty AMPLE
Poverty and pollution, for two ILLS
Powder-based beverage TANG
Prefix with puncture ACU
Principal Iraqi port BASRA
Prompted LEDTO
Pseudo-sophisticated ARTY
Puts on DONS
Really bothered ATEAT
Request to someone dressing your submarine sandwich NOOIL
Scale amts. WTS
See 44-Down PAN
See 57-Across CUBE
Shade of some turning leaves OCHER
Spot for a guard at the World Cup SHIN
Stampede ONRUSH
Suggestion to defer discussion … and what might be said of 17-, 25, 46- and 60-Across LETSPUTAPININIT
Supporting PRO
Symbol of wisdom OWL
Teen spirit? ANGST
Tupperware tops LIDS
What many do on the Sabbath REST
With 44-Across, holder for a Thanksgiving dessert PIE
With 64-Across, symbol of coldness ICE
Without leaving crumbs behind, say TIDILY
Word before “of mind” or “of emergency” STATE
Wreck room? STY
Yank TUG
Zeniths ACMES
Zippo NIL