New York Times, Tuesday, May10, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ go bragh! ERIN
___ Piper PIED
Air currents from the most typical direction PREVAILINGWINDS
Awful, just awful! UGH
Bamboozled HAD
Beginning, as of symptoms ONSET
Big part of many kids’ cereals SUGAR
Bill of fare MENU
Business appt. MTG
Ceases ENDS
City on the Rhône LYON
Clear (of) RID
Club ___ (resort) MED
Crafty website ETSY
Cut, in editing DELETE
Dog’s “Pleeeeze!” WHINE
Dutch cheese EDAM
Easy two-pointer LAYUP
Egyptian sun god AMONRA
Entrepreneur Musk ELON
Exam for an aspiring atty. LSAT
Fit together well MESH
Frozen dessert chain owned by Mrs. Fields TCBY
G sharp equivalent AFLAT
Gained influence, as an idea TOOKHOLD
Good at fixing leaky faucets and creaky hinges, say HANDY
Haven, as for endangered wildlife REFUGE
Ice cream brand EDYS
Interrogate GRILL
Janet ___, first female attorney general RENO
Kerfuffle ADO
Land in the Andes PERU
Lead-in to “la-la” OOH
Little devils IMPS
Little piggies TOES
Marathon, e.g. RACE
Mash prepared for a luau POI
Media player debut of 2001 IPOD
Neither a borrower nor a ___ be: “Hamlet” LENDER
Not stereo MONO
One may be taken in protest KNEE
Packing, so to speak ARMED
Pageant coif UPDO
Pretenses one may “put on” AIRS
Pub order, in brief IPA
Repeatedly comments (on) HARPS
Resorted to good old-fashioned know-who, say PULLEDSTRINGS
Rock band name with a slash ACDC
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Do-Re-Mi” show, with a hint to this puzzle’s theme THESOUNDOFMUSIC
RR stop STA
Sacred song PSALM
Sailor’s greeting AHOY
Screed RANT
Seat in the iconic photo “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” IBEAM
Segue before a conclusion ANDSO
Shape describing a complex love relationship TRIANGLE
Sketch show V.I.P.s who get a jacket for their fifth appearance SNLHOSTS
Some labor leaders? DOULAS
Spike TV, previously TNN
Stuff to wear GARB
Sure ___! (“You bet!”) THING
Survive a round of musical chairs SIT
Take to the sky FLY
Takes overnight to think about SLEEPSON
Terse denial NOTI
Texter’s response to a hilarious joke LMAO
The East ASIA
The lady ___ protest too much …: “Hamlet” DOTH
The Shining actress Shelley DUVALL
Thor’s father ODIN
Title city in a 2014 Ava DuVernay film SELMA
Top military leaders in Washington PENTAGONBRASS
Transport between airport terminals TRAM
Universal donor’s blood type, in brief ONEG
Way into a sub HATCH
Website developer’s code HTML

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