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New York Times, Tuesday, November 17, 2020 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
___ Save America (political show) POD
___-fi SCI
15%-er AGENT
2012 Ang Lee film set largely at sea LIFEOFPI
Accept an invitation, say COME
Aid for a home repair project, informally DIYKIT
Audibly ALOUD
Baked treat on a stick CAKEPOP
Big Mideast inits. OPEC
Blues legend with the hit “The Thrill Is Gone” BBKING
Bugler in the Rockies ELK
Build-your-own Mexican dishes, at times FAJITAS
Captain Marvel, e.g. HERO
Casino actions BETS
Charged for a chemistry class? IONIC
Children’s medicine, in doctor-speak PEDS
Chimney coating SOOT
Clarinet piece REED
Counting everything INALL
Cousin of Simon Says MOTHERMAYI
Deep down inside ATHEART
Derby entrant HORSE
Every breath you take AIR
Everybody’s opposite NOONE
Facial wrinkle suggesting a jovial spirit LAUGHLINE
Ferry or wherry BOAT
Fireplace fuel LOG
Flight board listings, for short ETAS
Groups identified by tartans CLANS
Hotel room extra COT
House speaker Nancy PELOSI
Identifies, as in a social media post TAGS
I’ll get right to work! ONIT
Is there anything ___? ELSE
Jane ___ EYRE
Jazz ensembles COMBOS
Kate & ___ (1980s sitcom) ALLIE
Lady of Camelot ENID
Launched BEGAN
Lemon juice and vinegar, e.g. ACIDS
Life beats down and crushes the soul, and ___ reminds you that you have one: Stella Adler ART
Light wood BALSA
Like hymns, unlike most poems SUNG
Liveliness, in music BRIO
Man, just my luck! OHGREAT
Many a Punjabi SIKH
Marital ___ BLISS
Medical breakthrough CURE
Mrs., in Mexico SRA
Not in usable condition, say DAMAGED
Obama ___ (2009-17) ERA
Part of a circle ARC
Person who really digs working? MINER
Photo posted days or weeks after it was taken, on social media LATERGRAM
Piece of land in el oceano ISLA
Proceeding headlong without thinking RASH
Race that requires a swimsuit, helmet and running shoes, for short TRI
Rocker Stefani GWEN
Sassy PERT
Show some courage! … as this puzzle’s theme can do? GROWASPINE
Sight off the Gulf Coast OILRIG
Soccer superstar Lionel MESSI
Some app interruptions ADS
Some mainframe computers IBMS
Sort seen walking a red carpet CELEB
Speakers’ aids, in brief MICS
Stainless ___ STEEL
Student ___ LOAN
Studio behind Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” MGM
Study, with “over” PORE
Support for an updo HAIRPIN
Take firm hold of GRASP
Tastes some HASASIP
The “da-da-da-DUM!” of Beethoven’s Fifth MOTIF
Today rival, for short GMA
Turnkey JAILER
What a chop shot imparts BACKSPIN
Yes, captain! AYE