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New York Times, Tuesday, October 12, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answer
___ boom bah! SIS
___ Jima (1945 battle site) IWO
___ one’s time (waited) BIDED
768 of them make a gal. TSPS
A bad joke might go over with one THUD
Bay Area airport code SFO
Board game played on a big hexagram CHINESECHECKERS
Button at a bowling alley RESET
Canada’s oldest national park BANFF
Captivated RAPT
Cartoon collectibles CELS
Cause for a correction ERROR
Club charges DUES
Connections INS
Container with a pump KEG
Counter-Strike or League of Legends ESPORT
Decisive defeat WATERLOO
Dinghy or dory : BOAT BOAT
Dip for chips SALSA
Doled (out) METED
Drill sergeant’s shout TENHUT
Egyptian king of the gods AMUNRA
Entrance divided in half horizontally DUTCHDOOR
Epitome of redness BEET
Etail site for handmade goods ETSY
Explorer Marco POLO
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee boxer ALI
Font flourish SERIF
For each PER
Game that has only a single round RUSSIANROULETTE
Goodnight, ___ (classic song) IRENE
Hot drink at a ski resort TODDY
I give! UNCLE
Info for an airport limo driver ET
Informal goodbye PEACE
Kill Bill actress Lucy LIU
Lake on 25-Down’s border TAHOE
Like some aprons or reputations STAINED
Listing in a footnote SOURCE
Long, long time EON
Many an I.R.S. employee CPA
Map with elevation lines, in brief TOPO
Most common answer in New York Times crosswords (more than 6% of all puzzles) ERA
Name on a building wing, perhaps DONOR
NaOH, familiarly LYE
Nile biter ASP
Nobelist Bohr with a 32-Across named for him NIELS
Not get take-out DINEIN
Obsessive fan, in slang STAN
Old dagger SNEE
One of more than 115 on a table ELEMENT
One-named Greek New Age musician YANNI
Pick up on DETECT
Portmanteau coinage describing this puzzle’s theme ALLITERNATION
Prefix with tourism ECO
Professional you might need to see? OPTICIAN
Region traveled by 63-Across ASIA
Regret RU
Revolutionary Guevara CHE
Rock’s ___ Bizkit LIMP
Sales at concerts or games, informally MERCH
San Diego’s state, informally CALI
Scottish girls LASSES
Shape for an eyebrow or rainbow ARCH
Single item seemingly always found at the bottom of a McDonald’s bag FRENCHFRY
Support for a PC TECH
Thanks, but I’m good NAH
The first one was sent in 1971 EMAIL
Tip of a shoelace AGLET
U-shaped stringed instrument LYRE
Volcanic pollutant ASH
Weapon in the original Clue LEADPIPE
Where model workers can be found? AUTOSHOP
World’s largest cosmetics company LOREAL