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New York Times, Tuesday, October 6, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
180s UIES
Air Force NCOs SSGTS
Anti-fuel extraction slogan? FRACKANDRUIN
Attach a new handle to? RENAME
Autobahn auto AUDI
Baby hippo CALF
Bank capers HEISTS
Barely manages EKESOUT
Brand with a lonely repairman : MAYTAG
Classify, as blood TYPE
Clean with elbow grease SCOUR
Competitor of Petro-Canada ESSO
Crimson Tide, to fans BAMA
Destined (to be) MEANT
Element extracted from kelp IODINE
Five-and-___ DIME
Former Houston hockey team : AEROS
Girl Scout cookie with toasted coconut SAMOA
Grad student’s mentor PROF
Green-skinned variety of pear ANJOU
Gung-ho AVID
Heart of a computer, for short CPU
Honor musically SINGOF
Hwys. RDS
Imposed, as a tax LEVIED
Indian prince RAJA
Insect drawn to flames MOTH
It may swing or revolve DOOR
Jason’s ship, in myth ARGO
Jenna Fischer’s role on “The Office” PAM
La Scala star DIVA
Late actor Rickman ALAN
Lead-in to -bus OMNI
Loud noise DIN
Louise’s title friend, in film THELMA
Manhattan neighborhood below Greenwich Village SOHO
Marseille Mrs. MME
Massachusetts’ Cape ___ COD
Need You Tonight band INXS
Not in operation, as a Broadway theater DARK
Novelist ___ Oz AMOS
Oh, you told a funny HAHA
One day ___ time ATA
One of a pair HALF
One way to be led ASTRAY
One way to stand in poker PAT
One who freely admits not being any good? FRANKAMATEUR
Ones writing “Happy Birthday,” maybe ICERS
Org. defending free speech ACLU
Pac-12 sch. USC
Part of the foot ARCH, SOLE
Poet who wrote “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” ELIOT
Pop singer who used to use a dollar sign for the third letter of her name KESHA
Possible response to “You take credit cards?” YESWEDO
President who finished third in his race for re-election TAFT
Privy to INON
Punishment for jaywalking FINE
Radiator sound HISS
Revolutionary Trotsky LEON
Safety features for tightrope walkers NETS
Scary landlord? FRIGHTFULOWNER
Send a naughty message SEXT
Shell’s game? GAS
Showing no emotion STOIC
Sound of a 1-Across SSS
Steinway or Baldwin PIANO
Subjects of some eerie videos UFOS
Time in history ERA
What Fancy Feast and Meow Mix compete in? FRISKYBUSINESS
What greater gift than the love of a ___?: Charles Dickens CAT
What light bulbs represent in comics IDEAS
When Hamlet sees his father’s ghost ACTI
When tripled, et cetera YADDA
Your turn, in radio lingo OVER