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New York Times, Tuesday, September 1, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
___ be an honor ITD
___ couture HAUTE
___ for the course PAR
___ Max (subscription service) HBO
50-50 guess on a test TRUE
A Kardashian KIM
Actress Reid of “Sharknado” TARA
Bottoms of dogs’ feet PADS
Brunch cocktails MIMOSAS
Buildup in a fish tank SCUM
Capital of Kansas TOPEKA
Car sticker abbr. MSRP
Cats with long hair and blue eyes HIMALAYANS
Cocktail with a rhyming name MAITAI
Eldest Stark son on “Game of Thrones” ROBB
Embellish ADORN
Emilia’s husband in “Othello” IAGO
End of many an email address COM
Enemies of hobbits ORCS
Eponym of a certain tennis stadium in Queens ARTHURASHE
Finally arrived MADEIT
Gender identifiers often separated by slashes PRONOUNS
Group of bison HERD
Grp. with airport lounges for troops USO
Haiku, for one POEM
Hot hybrid drink CHAILATTE
How oysters are often served RAW
Hubbub ADO
In order of preference, perhaps RANKED
Introductory course? SALAD
iPhone maker APPLE
It might tell you where to get off GPS
Language quintet AEIOU
Late guest’s guess, for short ETA
Letters on a “Wanted” poster AKA
Letting in a breeze, say AIRY
Life, in Rome VITA
Like some memorabilia that usually costs extra SIGNED
Like the 52-Across featured in this puzzle PERSONAL
Listing on mastheads: Abbr. EDS
Looky here! OHO
Maker of the Telluride S.U.V. KIA
Musical ___ CHAIRS
N.Y.C. opera house THEMET
Nevertheless …, informally BUTHEY
One always getting asked questions SIRI
Part of a late-night talk show INTERVIEW
Part of Lincoln’s cabin LOG
Particle such as Au+ ION
Pillow cover SHAM
Post-workout feeling ACHE
Prussia’s ___ von Bismarck OTTO
Refusal in Rouen NON
Respect singer Franklin ARETHA
Rich cake TORTE
Roger Daltrey’s band THEWHO
Roughly three-sided beef cut TRITIP
Round Table figures SIRS
Saturated ___ FAT
Set up tents ENCAMP
Setting for a scene in the Sistine Chapel EDEN
Shiny bumper material CHROME
Shortsighted MYOPIC
Singer of “Into the Unknown” in “Frozen II” ELSA
Snack cake with a swirly filling HOHO
Soccer great Mia HAMM
Social media things that can be liked, informally FBPOSTS
Something good for a sore throat LEMONTEA
Sorrow WOE
Tattoo subject who might disapprove of tattoos MOM
Tinder or Instagram APP
Unable to decide TORN
Utterance from a hot bath AHH
Whatever you say OKTHEN
Yellow, so to speak SCARED
Yes, ___! MAAM
You, a long time ago THOU