New York Times, Wednesday, April 13, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
.com alternative ORG
___ large WRIT
1990s TV nerd URKEL
Actress Margot of “Bombshell” ROBBIE
Adds to the team, so to speak HIRESON
Already? SOSOON
Apt rhyme for chop and crop LOP
Artist who said “A line is a dot that went for a walk” KLEE
Awe and Tay, for two LOCHS
Big tub VAT
Bigwigs may have big ones EGOS
Bit of metadata GEOTAG
Breading for tonkatsu PANKO
Breaker ROCK
Bring stress or agitation to VEX
Candy once marketed as a smoking cessation aid PEZ
Carnival hypeman BARKER
Case of emergency? GOBAG
Commander, in Arabic EMIR
Cookie-flavored cereal OREOOS
Coverer PAPER
Dessert wine PORT
Don’t worry ITSOK
Ending with walk or run ONS
Exhibited SHOWN
Experts PROS
Exude irrepressibly OOZE
Festival, in Arabic EID
Fictional character partially inspired by Mexican folklore ZORRO
Foxy SLY
Geico “spokeslizard” GECKO
Go (for) OPT
Good name for a black cat with white feet SOCKS
Grape group BUNCH
Hardly strict LAX
Himalayan ox YAK
Ikea department DECOR
Is that what ewe said? BAA
Less soaked DRIER
Like Rome starting in the first century B.C. IMPERIAL
Likely answer to “Who wants ice cream?” IDO
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Mousse alternative GEL
Mt. Fuji setting ASIA
Nevertheless, ___ persisted SHE
Nuclear codes? GENOME
One name for the game depicted in this puzzle ROSHAMBO
One to tip VALET
One to tip SERVER
Parasite actor Woo-shik CHOI
Part of a child’s bedtime ritual STORY
Perseus’ horse PEGASUS
Plead BEG
Poet’s sphere ORB
Polo of “The Fosters” TERI
Poppable muscle, informally PEC
Popular Japanese brew ASAHI
Portion SHARE
Provide digital approval ESIGN
Rotten BAD
Rush! ASAP
Scorpion’s stinger TAIL
Something heard secondhand? USEDCD
South American capital with the world’s longest urban gondola LAPAZ
Stale OLD
That’s good thinking OPTIMISM
That’s good thinking! NEATIDEA
The “A” of A.Q.I. AIR
Therein lies the rub! SPA
Tortilla dough MASA
Uber-enthusiast GEEK
Wet weather wear GALOSHES
Word with sitter or steps BABY
Zero out RESET

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