New York Times, Wednesday, April 20, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ no sin to cheat the devil: Daniel Defoe TIS
___ queen! YAS
___ strategy EXIT
Actor Elgort of “Baby Driver” ANSEL
Album makeup SONGS
Angelic, in a way HALOED
Animal that symbolizes good fortune in Chinese culture BAT
Apple consumer with an unhappy story to tell? ADAM
Aptly named N.B.A. M.V.P., in a manner of speaking TIMDUNCAN
Aptly named Olympic sprinter USAINBOLT
Aptly named six-time All-Star first baseman PRINCEFIELDER
Aptly named tennis great MARGARETCOURT
Be as you wish to ___: Socrates SEEM
Behind, in England ARSE
Bread with a palindromic name NAAN
Bread: Fr. PAIN
Bygone airline with a logo nicknamed the “Blue Meatball” PANAM
Capture NAB
Children’s character who says “It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it” : EEYORE
Congratulatory gestures SLAPS
Cry for assistance HELPME
Decided SET
Digging INTO
Div. of the Treasury Department IRS
Epic poem written in dactylic hexameter ILIAD
Event for a Comedy Central special ROAST
Five stars, maybe RATING
Football carriers: Abbr. RBS
Give attitude SASS
Gives the nod OKS
Hold up ROB
Instant, as a decision SNAP
Insurance grps. HMOS
It’s multifaceted GEMSTONE
Later BYE
Legally prohibit ESTOP
Like some legs and mustaches WAXED
Listen to gossip, in slang SIPTEA
Mist a spot? SPRAY
More than right OBTUSE
Most substantial part MEAT
Murder Mystery or “Roaring ‘Twenties,” for a party THEME
Mushrooms found in ramen ENOKIS
New England seafood staple SCROD
O.G. Original Gangster rapper ICET
One who may use the pronoun “I and I” (meaning God-in-me) RASTA
Org. behind the Artemis program NASA
Painter of “The Garden of Earthly Delights” BOSCH
Period of work STINT
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Pop star whose name is stylized with an exclamation point in place of its second letter PINK
Puts out light, as a star TWINKLES
Reign RULE
Rudely arrogant SNOTTY
Self-satisfied SMUG
Shake, as a tail LOSE
Shuts up ZIPSIT
Small vortex EDDY
Statistical calculation ERROR
Stick on a rack CUE
Submitted SENTIN
The Cowardly Lion, back in Kansas ZEKE
They allow you to kick back and relax LEGRESTS
Tiny floppy disk, for “Save” ICON
Todo Sobre Mi ___ (1999 Almodovar film) MADRE
Unnamed guests PLUSONES
Unreliable sort FLAKE
Use a beam on, as for cutting LASE
What driver’s licenses serve as PHOTOIDS
When doubled, excessive TOO
Word before “… wanna go home,” in calypso DAYO
Writer Nin ANAIS

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