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New York Times, Wednesday, April 22, 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Buzz off!’ BITEME
‘The Greatest Snow on Earth’ sloganeer UTAH
‘Yes, that’s clear to me’ SOISEE
‘You ___ kiddin’!’ AINT
12/31, for one RATIO
20, in Italian VENTI
32-year-old artist pictured on the cover of Time magazine in 1936 DALI
A mondegreen is a misheard one LYRIC
Artery ROAD
Asset that’s all about ‘location, location, location’ … with a hint to the starts of 21-, 26- and 49-Across PRIMEREALESTATE
Ballet move PLIE
Begin’s negotiating partner for peace SADAT
Big lug APE
Big online brokerage ETRADE
Candid OPEN
Cartoonists’ output STRIPS
Ceremonies RITES
City on the Arno PISA
Cousin of a giraffe OKAPI
De facto ACTUAL
Dearie BABE
Dearie PET
Droplet BEAD
Establishment with steep prices? TEASHOP
Fell on one’s face big-time ATEIT
Free-for-all MELEE
Gator’s cousin CROC
Give out one’s address? ORATE
Grand ___ PRIX
Head of government between Eshkol and Rabin MEIR
Home to the Bay of Pigs CUBA
I.R.S. worker, for short CPA
Inside-the-Beltway type POLITICO
It’s a knockout ETHER
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kind of order on Wall Street STOPLOSS
Like some caps and gowns SURGICAL
Little wonder? ATOM
Location in the New World until 1776 THIRTEENCOLONIES
Location of a 1979 accident THREEMILEISLAND
Location where Italy’s capital is said to have been founded SEVENHILLSOFROME
Long time EPOCH
Long times ERAS
Looked too soon, say PEEKED
Master LEARN
Mobile home? TENT
Orangish shade CORALRED
Potpie ingredient MEAT
Revivalists, for short? EMTS
Scullers’ gear OARS
Seed covering ARIL
Sharply annoy NETTLE
She: Fr ELLE
Sign of autumn LIBRA
Skating feat AXEL
Song by the Doors that, paradoxically, is heard at the start of ‘Apocalypse Now’ THEEND
Takes to the limit, perhaps TESTS
Tattaglia and Barzini, in ‘The Godfather’ DONS
Text tweaks EDITS
The ‘G’ of Geico: Abbr GOVT
The ‘P’ of P.B.R PABST
Throat clearer AHEM
Touch-and-go DICEY
TV’s Dr. ___ PHIL
Type of wine with an accent ROSE
Utopias EDENS
Vacation times on la Côte d’Azur ETES
Vivacity LIFE
Well versed in UPON
When doubled, a Hawaiian fish MAHI
Word after play or before luck DUMB
Young hare LEVERET
Zoroastrianism, e.g FAITH