New York Times, Wednesday, April 6, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
*Flies frequently ANNOYANCES
*Leave briefly VACAY
[Don’t forget about me!] AHEM
___ luck! LOTSA
___ Wee Reese PEE
Animals that become different animals when their first letter is changed to an “M” VOLES
Arctic people INUIT
Aromatherapy provider, perhaps SPA
Bit of body ink TAT
Blindingly bright NEON
Blunted blades EPEES
Brava! elicitor ARIA
Bring on INCUR
Broadcast again REAIR
Brutish sort OGRE
Buffalo’s county ERIE
Busybodies YENTAS
Celeb with a good friend named Gayle OPRAH
Cereal “for kids” TRIX
Colorful freshwater fish TETRA
Contingent of like-minded voters BLOC
Coral-based ecosystems REEFS
D.C. nine NATS
Didn’t fail PASSED
Difference symbol, in math DELTA
Disney’s Queen of Arendelle ELSA
Doxycycline target ACNE
Farming prefix AGRO
Fleeting moment SEC
Follow TAIL
Fruit often served in ball form CANTALOUPE
Fund-raising group for the G.O.P. RNC
Get-go ONSET
Hankering ITCH
How best to determine consent ASK
How bizarre THATSODD
Like some Quad Cities residents IOWAN
Longtime news anchor Jim LEHRER
Louvre Pyramid architect IMPEI
Me and Bobby ___ (posthumous #1 hit for Janis Joplin) MCGEE
Midwest hub OHARE
Minor anomaly BLIP
Monopoly holding DEED
Move about STIR
Mulligan REDO
Musical form heard in some Bollywood films RAGA
Mystical character RUNE
Nation on the Gulf of Oman IRAN
No-good, backstabbing scoundrel DIRTYRAT
Not conned by ONTO
Not manually operated AUTO
Oodles AHEAP
Pedagogic org. NEA
Pet in the town of Bedrock DINO
Pioneer in color TV RCA
Pixie stick? WAND
Political commentator Joy REID
Punctuation mark missing in “Let’s eat people!” (at least one would hope!) … as well as from the starred clues COMMA
Seeing the other side of the matter … TOBEFAIR
Seriously vex EATAT
She released “30” in ’21 ADELE
Shiny fabric LAME
Singer/songwriter Guthrie ARLO
Some playground attendants DADS
Something staked CLAIM
Spring’s opposite NEAP
Start of all Washington, D.C., ZIP codes TWO
State capital in the so-called “Treasure Valley” BOISE
Subdued hue BEIGE
TV screen type, for short LCD
Unchanging STATIC
Underhanded tactics TRICKERY
Unfounded rumor CANARD
Went the distance LASTED
Witty Mort SAHL
Wonderland twin TWEEDLEDUM
Word with wave and pool TIDAL
World leader born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov LENIN

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