New York Times, Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Approach gradually EDGEUP
Asgard trickster LOKI
Baby aardvark CUB
Basic camera setting AUTO
Best-selling video game series beginning in 1997, for short GTA
Big name in acne medication OXY
Blank space GAP
Carry a balance OWE
Chooses OPTS
Coffee table book subject ART
Construct ERECT
Crowns and scepters, collectively REGALIA
Curved lines on sheet music SLURS
Damage HURT
Dear one SIR
Defer a decision, informally PUNT
Distinctive BMW feature GRILLE
Drink from a spring MINERALWATER
Entice LURE
First in line? ELL
First musician to have his first five albums debut at #1 DMX
Fruity drinks ADES
Get it? SEE
Goose vis-a-vis Maverick, in “Top Gun” WINGMAN
Got it! AHA
Grammy-winning Aimee MANN
Had for lunch ATE
Hankering : URGE URGE
High-minded guides? SHERPAS
How blackjack cards are dealt FACEUP
Iced ___ TEA
Insultingly small MEASLY
It may be checked at check-in BAG
It winds up on a fishing boat REEL
Junk ___ DRAWER
Ladybug, for one BEETLE
Lead-in to bottle or batter BEER
Mature AGE
Merely implied UNSAID
Mined find ORE
Morning on the Seine painter MONET
Muscle BRAWN
Nail polish layer COAT
New York canal ERIE
Nitpicker’s lead-in … or a response to 20-, 28- and 49-Across, if they were posed as questions WELLACTUALLY
Not let go to waste USE
Not made up REAL
Not so! FALSE
One of six in this clue WORD
Place for a stud EARLOBE
Played with, as a mustache TWIRLED
Production company that’s its founder’s name spelled backward HARPO
Promotional buzz HYPE
Queasy, perhaps FEELINGILL
Quite the bargain STEAL
Reason to cram EXAM
Relaxed, as a vibe MELLOW
Remote button REC
Reunion attendees ALUMNI
Sci-fi conveyances UFOS
Sense of orientation? GAYDAR
Shaq’s alma mater LSU
Singer who funded Central Park’s Strawberry Fields memorial ONO
Sneak attack AMBUSH
Soaking spots TUBS
Some slow-cooked meals STEWS
Something to pitch TENT
Sports scores RESULTS
Steakhouse option MEDIUMRARE
Tall, slender hound SALUKI
Texting format, in brief SMS
Threw one’s hat in the ring RAN
Toughens STEELS
Welty with a Pulitzer EUDORA
Wildcat with tufted ears LYNX
Wilts SAGS
You said it! AMEN

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