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New York Times, Wednesday, August 19, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
1815 novel of romantic mis-understandings EMMA
Actress Claire of Netflix’s “The Crown” FOY
Apprehend NAB
Blog post ENTRY
Blue material SMUT
Book of Mormon book ENOS
Calendar spans with tildes ANOS
Centipede producer ATARI
Cheers waitress and “Scrubs” nurse CARLAS
Conveyance that may be carved CANOE
Cooling off period? FALL
Crush alternative NEHI
Destroyer of the town of Nicolosi in 1669 ETNA
Fictional maker of earthquake pills and tornado seeds ACME
Football analyst Tony ROMO
Golden god IDOL
Gossipy sort YENTA
Grind TOIL
Hannah who wrote “The Human Condition” ARENDT
Headwear for Sikhs TURBANS
Hit’s opposite FLOP
I’ll pass NAH
In olden days ONCE
Introduction to magic? ABRA
It’s a stretch EON
It’s created by wind, rain and traffic AMBIENTNOISE
Judd who directed “Knocked Up” APATOW
Kotb of “Today” HODA
Lay it ___! ONME
Like most debates TWOSIDED
Long shot? SNIPER
Lunar New Year TET
Make a big speech ORATE
Message with many bcc’s EMAILBLAST
Mosque V.I.P. IMAM
Nail (it) ACE
Often-misused pronoun WHOM
Old memo writer STENO
One putting down roots? TREE
One signing up ENLISTER
Overnight flight REDEYE
Passing a drug test, say CLEAN
Passionate sort, it’s said LEO
Peace sign DOVE
Place to see Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans” MOMA
Plenty LOTS
Puma competitor FILA
Quashes ENDS
Rainforest dweller, in brief ORANG
Rating for “South Park” TVMA
Santa Claus “flight tracker” NORAD
See 1-Down CYCLE
Sign me up IMIN
Small power sources AAS
So-called “third stage of labor” AFTERBIRTH
Sound from a pen OINK
Standard NORM
Sun Valley locale IDAHO
The Catholic Church, informally ROME
Thick noodle UDON
Title detective of 1970s TV STARSKY
Triton’s domain SEA
What may be tested by parking a car in Harvard Yard? BOSTONACCENT
With 1-Down, company named for two magazines TIME
With 16-Down, decisive confrontation SHOW
With 27-Down, Apple app FACE
With 39-Down, minimize DOWN
With 41-Across, generational sequence LIFE
With 5-Across, means of survival LIFE
With 50-Down, athlete’s intense expression GAME
With 62-Down, lie motionless PLAY
With 69-Across, advantage in sports HOME
With 70-Across, call it a night, say HEAD
With 71-Across, traveling music fan of old DEAD
With 9-Across, place to yacht-shop BOAT