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New York Times, Wednesday, August 25, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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‘Please continue your generous support of the church’ MASSAPPEAL
‘Stat!’ ASAP
‘Students should report to the gym for a special presentation’ ASSEMBLYLINE
‘This device makes prepping cherries a breeze’ PITTERPATTER
‘This medicine will reduce your temperature in no time’ FEVERPITCH
Abbr. in a library catalog ISBN
Appear SEEM
Beautifully blue AZURE
Big personalities EGOS
Bolivian capital SUCRE
Brand with a paw print in its logo IAMS
Cancel ___ (tenant rights movement) RENT
Colonial sharpshooter RIFLEMAN
Discover unexpectedly HITON
Dolly and her fellow clones, e.g EWES
Dressage competitor RIDER
End-of-semester hurdles EXAMS
Exceeded the legal limit SPED
First czar of Russia IVAN
Follows, as advice HEEDS
For dogs, they’re often in the shape of bones IDTAGS
For whom the bell tolls THEE
Frigid temps TEENS
Gilead in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ for one DYSTOPIA
Give off EMIT
Glen or dale VALE
Goes ‘vroom vroom’ REVS
Grow long in the tooth AGE
Hat similar to a tarboosh FEZ
Have down ___ PAT
Historical record ANNAL
Imam’s quality PIETY
Initial part of a roller coaster ride ASCENT
It leans to the left BLUESTATE
It shows a lot of plays, but no musicals ESPN
Japanese noodles RAMEN
Kind of daisy OXEYE
Least polite RUDEST
Like business in the off-season SLOW
Made explicit, in a way SAID
Made uniform EVENED
Material for toy darts NERF
Mentally sound ALLTHERE
Packs of alpacas HERDS
Partner of willing ABLE
Passing remark? YEA
Philosopher known for his paradoxes ZENO
Pine secretion RESIN
Prefix with dermis EPI
Prepare, as prosciutto CURE
Pro Bowler’s org NFL
Recruit selectively HEADHUNT
Rolled out of bed GOTUP
Sailor’s ‘Stop!’ AVAST
Scale abbr LBS
See through rose-colored glasses IDEALIZE
Singer Mai with the 2018 hit ‘Boo’d Up’ ELLA
Smartphone button HOME
Snake along the Nile ASP
Snap back? HIKE
Spit in a tube, say DNASAMPLE
Support on the shoulder BRASTRAP
Tennyson, for one LORD
There are two in ‘101 Dalmatians’ ONES
Timeline spans ERAS
To a certain extent INPART
Undesirable bunkmate SNORER
What floats your boat? SEA
Word that comes from the Lakota for ‘dwelling’ TEPEE
Words from one doing a demonstration LIKESO
Writing assignment ESSAY
___ Harris, sister and campaign chair of Kamala MAYA