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New York Times, Wednesday, August 26, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Aaron Burr, ___’ (song from ‘Hamilton’) SIR
‘Dinner’ preceder on a dinner invitation COCKTAILS
‘The final frontier’ SPACE
‘Thirtysomething’ actor Ken OLIN
50 or more letters? AARP
A group of carolers may sing in it UNISON
Adidas competitor AVIA
Aussie animal ROO
Big inits. in finance AIG
Blowout ROMP
Box-office busts BOMBS
Build some muscle TONEUP
Chicago transport choice ELTRAIN
Collection that demonstrates job skills … as suggested by 17-, 24-, 48- and 55-Across WORKPORTFOLIO
Completely off-base ALLWET
Constitution or Independence, in D.C AVE
Devilishly clever insults, in slang BURNS
Ditch LOSE
Do some modeling for artists POSE
Dodger beater in the 2017 World Series ASTRO
Dungeons & Dragons meanie ORC
Election winner of 1908 TAFT
Gardner of old Hollywood AVA
Horror movie cry ITSALIVE
In a bit ANON
Insubstantial beverage … or argument WEAKTEA
Intimated GOTAT
Investment for a butcher? BEEFSTOCK
Investment for a humorist? COMEDYGOLD
Investment for a physicist? IONICBOND
Investment for a restaurateur? MENUOPTION
It may get hot under the collar NAPE
It might be muted TVAD
Its founder was born in Mecca ISLAM
Lighten one’s wallet, so to speak SPEND
Like advanced screens, informally HIDEF
Like some gift bows STICKON
Lucretia ___, pioneer in women’s rights MOTT
Material collected in Minecraft ORE
Mila of ‘Bad Moms’ KUNIS
New Deal program with the slogan ‘We Do Our Part,’ in brief NRA
New York’s ___ Lawrence College SARAH
Old-fashioned weapon for hand-to-hand combat DIRK
Part of Wonder Woman’s outfit TIARA
Phone nos TELS
Prepared to be knighted KNELT
Proceeding by the shortest way DIRECT
Rapper Lil ___ X NAS
Redding who wrote ‘Respect’ OTIS
Repair MEND
Sauce that’s heavy on garlic … and vowels AIOLI
Science fiction award HUGO
Scorcher HOTONE
Scoundrels CADS
Simon ___ SAYS
Solemnly promised TOOKAVOW
Staple of Mediterranean cuisine OLIVEOIL
Strategic objective soon after the D-Day invasion STLO
T-Mobile competitor: Abbr ATT
Tequila source AGAVE
Texas politico O’Rourke BETO
The Diamondbacks, on scoreboards ARI
The Tar Heels of the A.C.C UNC
Unaffected by IMMUNETO
Underhanded sort SNEAK
Unwanted engine sound KNOCK
Vacation goal, in brief RANDR
Way yonder AFAR
What Hamlet meets in Act V of ‘Hamlet’ TRAGICEND
What makes car care? ANE
Word before curriculum or meltdown CORE
Working stiff PROLE
Zodiac animal after fishes RAM