New York Times, Wednesday, June 1, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ life SHELF
Arafat’s grp. PLO
Assails, with “into” LACES
Back to the Future actress Thompson LEA
Become one WED
Biometric scan identifier, maybe IRIS
Broccoli ___ RABE
Can type AEROSOL
Catch-22 character ORR
Children’s author Blyton ENID
City near Provo Bay OREM
Creative activity for grade schoolers ARTSANDCRAFTS
Damn Right! AMEN
David Ortiz had 1,768 of them, for short RBIS
Digital clock toggle AMPM
Droops SAGS
Early vehicle that could take up to 30 minutes to start STEAMCAR
Farmer’s market sights TENTS
Full of noxious vapors MIASMIC
Gray wolf LOBO
Guitar clamp CAPO
Holiday trio, with “the” MAGI
Info typically not found in the Yellow Pages HOMEPHONENUMBER
Instinctive behavior for a mother-to-be NESTING
Italian for “it” ESSO
Jerk ASS
Just one little bite ATASTE
Kerfuffle ADO
Language spoken in the Canadian Prairies CREE
Like produce in the produce aisle, often MISTED
Lines that lift ODES
Little treasure GEM
Main section of text BODY
Mark in the World Golf Hall of Fame OMEARA
Mathematician Lovelace ADA
Neighbor of Ire. ENG
Neighbor of Sudan CHAD
Not yet completed TODO
One might be graphic TEESHIRT
Only living creature in the genus Dromaius EMU
Org. in “The Bourne Identity” CIA
Place to see a Matisse in N.Y.C. MOMA
Pop singer Simpson ASHLEE
Positions ROLES
Prefix with century or sentence MID
Prized possessions for numismatists COINCOLLECTIONS
Psilocybin alternative, for short LSD
Railroad stops: Abbr. STNS
Rap’s Wu-Tang ___ CLAN
Reason to sleep with a night light FEAROFTHEDARK
Rescue tool at a crash site JAWSOFLIFE
Rice dish infused with saffron PAELLA
Scandinavian-inspired shoe brand DANSKO
Screw up ERR
See 23-Across IDO
Shoulder’s place ROAD
Smidge IOTA
Some causes of stubbornness EGOS
Some reef dwellers EELS
Sonata finale, often RONDO
Spell-offs BEES
Surreptitiously say “26-Across,” say ELOPE
Switch maker NINTENDO
The Hanged Man and The Chariot, for two TAROTCARDS
Tiny salamanders EFTS
Unknown people, in slang RANDOS
Vintage military planes WARBIRDS
W.W. II zone: Abbr. ETO
Washington post? EMBASSY
What a lizard’s tail can do REGROW
What’s-___-name HIS
When doubled, seafood burger choice MAHI
Word with snow or bank JOB
Writer Gay TALESE
Yours truly alternative BEST

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