New York Times, Wednesday, June 15, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
’10-4!’ CHECK
‘Explosive’ cable channel TNT
‘Right now!’ STAT
‘___ Cousins’ (1964 Elvis film) KISSIN
Actor McShane IAN
Agatha Christie ___ Miller NEE
Aid in busing TRAY
Aloof with COOLTO
Arthur ___, 1975 Wimbledon winner ASHE
Back in the day ONCE
Certain sib SIS
Children’s author Carle ERIC
Come under fire, literally or figuratively TAKEFLAK
Conical shelter TEEPEE
Continue with STICKTO
Cousin ___ (‘The Addams Family’ member) ITT
Cry at the end of a big job DONE
Cup-and-saucer luncheons TEAS
Devise, as a plot HATCH
Disoriented ATSEA
Dit’s counterpart DAH
Drop a line? FISH
Ed Asner role in 2003’s ‘Elf’ SANTA
Epitome of slowness SNAIL
Fictional character who dreams about Heffalumps POOH
Files a petition SUES
Head to the office? CEO
Heroine Prior of the ‘Divergent’ series TRIS
Home of 66-Across ASIA
Hot apple pie has one AROMA
Lit ___ CRIT
London’s ___ Square SOHO
Lunar New Year TET
Many a driver’s ed enrollee TEEN
Most unusual ODDEST
New driver’s acquisition: Abbr LIC
Ones ordering lab tests? VETS
Oversight LAPSE
Part 2 of the quip YOU
Part 3 of the quip PUSHTHEENVELOPE
Part 4 of the quip ITS
Peter Sarsgaard’s role in 2016’s ‘Jackie,’ for short RFK
Philippine coins PESOS
Phnom ___ PENH
Pizazz ELAN
Play around TINKER
Positive response to ‘Agree?’ SUREDO
Prelude to a kiss IDO
Regarding ASTO
Rips [five letters] TE/ARS
Shot, for short HYPO
Singer Rawls LOU
Skedaddled LITOUT
Slews ALOT
Some exams ORALS
Something dispensed with in ‘business casual’ TIE
Spot for many a ‘mom’ tattoo ARM
Squid predator ORCA
Start of a punny quip with two correct answers NOMATTERHOWMUCH
Step up or down STAIR
Stumble TRIP
Terrible twos, e.g PHASE
Theater chain or cable channel AMC
Tibetan spiritual leader LAMA
Traveled to an island, in a way FERRIED
Tutti-___ FRUTTI
Wanting no more, say SATED
Where shampoo was invented INDIA
Woodcutter’s prop SAWHORSE
Word with bar or bowl SALAD
Writes PENS
___ diem CARPE
___ Empire, a.k.a. the Realm of the Four Parts INCA
___ footage STOCK
___ Mae (mortgage company) FANNIE

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