New York Times, Wednesday, June 8, 2022 Crossword Answers


Clues Answers
___ Simbel (Lake Nasser landmark) ABU
___ the only one? AMI
___ we good? ARE
A and B, in D.C. STS
Author of the “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” in brief MLK
Bail out RESCUE
Be on the hunt PROWL
Boyle’s law subject GAS
Breakfast cereal with little balls KIX
Character ___ ACTOR
Chisel ETCH
Citizenry doth work hard? PUBLICTOILETH
Day and night? AMPM
Deposit of a sort ORE
Director Brooks ME
Doth apply graffiti? MARKETHPLACES
Doth choose a comedy routine? PICKETHLINES
Elaine ___, labor secretary under George W. Bush CHAO
Fastball, in slang HEATER
Follow closely TAIL
Fool CON
Frankie of the Four Seasons VALLI
Fraternal order ELKS
Futbol cheer OLE
Goes out EBBS
Golf variable LIE
Grains in some milk OATS
Hop kiln OAST
Horne with a sultry voice LENA
Ice ___ FLOE
It may burst your bubble PIN
Jack of 1950s TV PAAR
Job in the TV biz ADREP
L.P.G.A. star Thompson LEXI
Locale for drawers in the study? ARTSCHOOL
Love, in Livorno AMORE
Mal de ___ TETE
Many profs PHDS
Memoirs and profiles, informally BIOS
Middlemarch novelist ELIOT
Monastery figure ABBOT
Months-long couples retreat? ARK
Once-popular activity hath no more fans? FADDIETH
Plate appearance ATBAT
Post-boomer cohort GENX
Publish private info about online, in modern lingo DOX
Rash sensation ITCH
Record LOG
Relaxes LOLLS
Rim : LIP
Robust HALE
Rock with four Emmys CHRIS
Routing word VIA
Runway walker hath megatalent? MODELROCKETH
Schuss with a chute PARASKI
Setter fetter LEASH
Sheepish one? EWE
Short break? VACAY
Small amount in a recipe DASH
Some boards EXAMS
Some Kiwis MAORIS
Somewhat ABIT
Sound heard “here” and “there” on Old MacDonald’s farm OINK
Square things MEALS
Strong German brew BOCK
Subject of many a funny TikTok CAT
They may be close to reception HOTELBARS
They may leave a lengthy paper trail LITTERBUGS
Things cast for films MOVIEROLES
Thingy ITEM
Title 6-year-old of 1950s children’s literature ELOISE
Two-way DUAL
Upstage, say ECLIPSE
Watery THIN
Well-used pencils STUBS
Whammies HEXES
Yecch! BLEH

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