New York Times, Wednesday, May 18, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___-savvy TECH
“Again!” ENCORE
“Here we go again …” OHBOY
“Quit it!” ENOUGH
“The ___ is silence”: Hamlet REST
A little ___? HELP
All right, I’ve heard plenty TMI
Animal that wears red pajamas in a popular children’s book LLAMA
Apple product since 1998 IMAC
Brand originally called Froffles EGGO
By no means basic ACIDIC
Call back REDIAL
Charcuterie selection MEAT
Choose to participate OPTIN
Cold-weather cryptid YETI
Confess one’s true feelings … or Step 1 for solving a jigsaw puzzle? LAYITALLOUTTHERE
Console whose name sounds like a pronoun WII
Dada pioneer Max ERNST
Dirty money : LUCRE LUCRE
Div. for the Tampa Bay Rays ALEAST
Dreamcast console maker SEGA
Dunaway of “Mommie Dearest” FAYE
Eat dirt? ERODE
Eventually ONEDAY
Evil clown in a horror film, e.g. TROPE
Feeling crummy ILL
Get some perspective … or what you do once you’ve solved a jigsaw puzzle? SEETHEBIGPICTURE
Gift of ___ GAB
Gloomy atmosphere PALL
Grassy plain LLANO
Holiday celebrating the first day of spring TET
Instagram effect FILTER
Intl. group with members on three continents OPEC
Like a frisky puppy PLAYFUL
Long, loose hood COWL
Look for an ideal partner … or Step 3 for solving a jigsaw puzzle? FINDTHERIGHTFIT
Lowdown INFO
Mae who said “To err is human, but it feels divine” WEST
Medicinal rinse DOUCHE
Minerals ending in -ite, often ORES
N.B.A. star Westbrook, to fans RUSS
N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Michael STRAHAN
Nation bordering the Arabian Sea OMAN
Number of hole cards in Texas hold ’em TWO
One volt divided by one ampere OHM
Opposite of “da” NYET
Performer’s comment to the audience ASIDE
Playwright whose work inspired the Peer Gynt Sculpture Park in 56-Down IBSEN
Plethora SLEW
Porter alternative LAGER
Recover after a heartbreak … or Step 2 for solving a jigsaw puzzle? PICKUPTHEPIECES
Relative of a raccoon COATI
Residents of Splitsville? EXES
Run into a hitch? ELOPE
Screening org. TSA
See 29-Down OSLO
Sleeper, e.g. SOFA
Sluggish LOGY
Some scuba gear TANKS
Something that may be raised on a farm SILO
St. ___ Girl (beer brand) PAULI
Steffi who achieved a Golden Slam in 1988 GRAF
Stop texting after a first date, say GHOST
Story used for storage ATTIC
Suddenly spoke (up) PIPED
Sumptuous and expensive LUXE
The Sweetest Taboo singer, 1985 SADE
This is a library! SHH
Tiny bit IOTA
Tree that’s a source of salicylic acid, a precursor to aspirin WILLOW
TV series named second-best of all time by Rolling Stone, but which never won an Emmy THEWIRE
Vice president in the 1990s GORE
What skullcap mushrooms aren’t EDIBLE
Winner’s gesture VSIGN
Word before loose or tight HANG
Word that might be said while pointing THOSE
Yeah, right IBET

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