New York Times, Wednesday, May 25, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ orange OSAGE
___ threat IDLE
___ you a little short for a stormtrooper?: Princess Leia ARENT
… ___ the twain shall meet NEER
Actors who don’t play their roles subtly : HAMS
Alan Paton’s “___, the Beloved Country” CRY
Almost every get-rich-quick scheme SCAM
Arabic “peace” SALAAM
Aria da ___ CAPO
Art of bone carving SCRIMSHAW
Attempt SHOT
Baby buggy in Piccadilly Circus PRAM
Carpet type SHAG
Cause of some breathing problems SMOG
Cher, voicewise ALTO
Chopping HEWING
Comedian Wong ALI
Command-C, on a Mac COPY
Convert into a higher-level language, as computer code DECOMPILE
Crime of great interest USURY
Didn’t contain one’s curiosity ASKED
Discharges EMITS
Do more than just check out OGLE
Drink from a Viking’s goblet MEAD
Early Ron Howard role OPIE
Eggs in a lab OVA
Executed, as a program RAN
F-, for one ION
Fling TOSS
Grandson of Adam and Eve ENOS
Green spot in a city PARK
Green spot in a desert OASIS
Group of winners at a film awards show? PODIUMCAST
Heal, as a broken bone KNIT
Hinged bit of hardware HASP
Home on the Riviera, say VILLA
In need of directions LOST
Inning : baseball :: ___ : curling END
Itinerant musician with a flute PIPER
Itsy-bitsy bit ATOM
Juno’s Greek counterpart HERA
King of English theater LEAR
Like the boondocks RURAL
Lo-o-ong lecture from a parent? TEDIUMTALK
Mideast’s Gulf of ___ ADEN
Monopolist’s portion ALL
Monopoly token replaced by a cat in 2013 IRON
Muffs ERRS
Not real royals, maybe IMPOSTORS
One who calls people out UMP
One-named ancient satirist … or a Pokemon character LUCIAN
Oscar ___, player of Poe Dameron in “Star Wars” films ISAAC
Outer layer of skin EPIDERMIS
Part of a foot INSTEP
Patisserie allure AROMA
Personification of Earth, in Greek myth GAIA
Reminder of a past injury SCAR
Singing Crow SHERYL
Something to take up or let out HEM
Spot in a green HOLE
Statement to a chair of a meeting MOTION
Symbol on an “8” key STAR
Target for William Tell? CRANIUMAPPLE
Team ___ USA
Territory ceded by Spain to the U.S. in 1898 GUAM
The Kiss sculptor RODIN
The Rockies, e.g. RANGE
Throw shade at DIS
Tiny parts of archipelagoes ISLETS
To boot ALSO
Top dog ALPHA
Tribe for which the 45th state is named UTE
Turn into a film, e.g. ADAPT
Unfinished crusade of the 1970s, in brief ERA
Van Gogh work that in 1987 became the most expensive painting ever sold IRISES
Vice city SODOM
Where séance leaders get their degrees? MEDIUMSCHOOL
Word after long or strong ARM

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