New York Times, Wednesday, May 4, 2022 Crossword Answers


Clues Answers
___ the way ALONG
10% offering TITHE
Afflictions ILLS
At the original speed, in scores ATEMPO
Bacchanalian cry LETSPARTY
Bad advice from grandpa? PASSEJUDGMENT
Be right with you ONESEC
Berkeley, familiarly CAL
Blast with a beam of photons LASE
Cabana HUT
Castle material SAND
Colosseum country ITALY
Computer scientist Turing ALAN
Cooler in glasses ICE
Corral, e.g. PEN
Cylindrical pasta ZITI
Desire YEN
Determined to do SETON
Diez menos dos OCHO
Director Anderson WES
Dog owned by a talking mouse PLUTO
Eight pts. GAL
Elder Levy in “Schitt’s Creek” EUGENE
Embassy staffer … or a hint to 17-, 23-, 49- and 59-Across? ATTACHE
Equipment not needed in miniature golf TEE
Feared fifth-century ruler ATTILA
Fussy in the extreme ANAL
Futbol cry OLE
Game with the objective of winning all the cards WAR
Group of eight OCTAD
Handel’s “La giustizia,” for one ARIA
I’ll do that right away! ONIT
International pact that ended in 2020 NAFTA
Islanders’ grp. NHL
King Tut’s land EGYPT
Lead-in to girl ATTA
Maggie Smith, for one DAME
Managed to stomach a cracker spread? GOTDOWNPATE
Numb, as a foot ASLEEP
Org. co-founded by W. E. B. Du Bois NAACP
Overwhelming amount AVALANCHE
Paper opener INTRO
Parabola piece ARC
Parent on a field trip, often CHAPERONE
Payroll deduction INCOMETAX
People who acknowledge when they’ve been verbally bested? TOUCHETYPES
Power, as an engine REV
Profundity DEPTH
Psychoactive drug from a cactus PEYOTE
Quickly microwave ZAP
Reversed UNDID
Revolutionary Trotsky LEON
Ruins a shiny fabric, as a pet might? GOESONTHELAME
Run the show, say HOST
S.N.L. alum Gasteyer ANA
Shot taker CAMERA
Should that be true … IFSO
Skating jump AXEL
So true! AMEN
Spammer’s medium EMAIL
Stock index founded in 1885, informally THEDOW
Stratovolcano in Sicily ETNA
Summit attendee LEADER
Suspend HANG
Sweet! DOPE
The ___ have it! AYES
Took a load off SAT
Turn red, maybe DYE
Two for a basket: Abbr. PTS
Undefined ordinal NT
Volkswagen compact JETTA
Without SANS
Without LESS
Woman’s name that sounds like a letter of the alphabet ELLE

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