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New York Times, Wednesday, November 11, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.


Clues Answers
‘Cut that out!’ STOPIT
‘For richer, for ___ …’ (vow words) POORER
‘I, ___’ (Langston Hughes poem) TOO
‘Solemn’ words OATH
‘What’s the ___?’ DIF
‘___ Suave’ (1991 hit) RICO
*Four-time heavyweight champ nicknamed ‘The Real Deal’ HOLYFIELD
*Gift that comes with a hitch? WEDDINGPRESENT
*Place that honors those who’ve served VETERANSMEMORIAL
*Producer of a lot of suits? BUSINESSSCHOOL
About half of all binary code ONES
Actress Mendes EVA
Ballet move PLIE
Big name in American book publishing for 120+ years … and a hint to the answers to the starred clues DOUBLEDAY
Cary of ‘The Princess Bride’ ELWES
Collapsed, with ‘in’ GAVE
Converted into fuel, as coal COKED
Corporate raider Carl ICAHN
Download without paying, say PIRATE
Epithet for Jesus in some church names OURSAVIOR
Female caribou DOE
Former gridiron org. for the Memphis Maniax and Orlando Rage XFL
Goblins, in folklore HOBS
Goes on a run SKIS
Holes in shoes EYELETS
Home to the Cedar Point amusement park OHIO
Humanities subj ENG
Inspiration for the Beatles’ ‘Day Tripper’ LSD
Instrument heard in ‘I Got You, Babe’ OBOE
It’s found beneath the crust PIEPAN
Japan’s oldest religion SHINTO
Knotted (up) TIED
Last task before sending to print FINALEDIT
Laugh like a Stooge YUK
Like ‘aurum’ for gold and ‘ferrum’ for iron LATIN
Like many returning spring breakers TANNED
Like some job training ONSITE
Lose it GOAPE
Lye, in chemistry class NAOH
Mandarin ‘thank you’ XIEXIE
Maximally ATMOST
Mistakes ERRATA
Most popular U.S. dog breed, familiarly LAB
Move in a spiral GYRE
Musk who co-founded PayPal ELON
Narrow estuary RIA
Paid to play: Var ANTEED
Paper units REAMS
Prefix with skeleton EXO
Quagmire MORASS
Relative of a foil EPEE
Relatives of ‘ums’ ERS
Reznor of rock’s Nine Inch Nails TRENT
Road sign animal DEER
Role in ‘The Matrix’ NEO
Ron of Tarzan on 1960s TV ELY
Sammy with four Oscars CAHN
Series of bookings across America USTOUR
Skosh TAD
Speechify ORATE
Start of an idea GERM
Super- ULTRA
Superheroes’ specialties ABILITIES
Take a soak BATHE
Take effect SETIN
Tax evasion, e.g FELONY
Taylor who sang ‘Tell It to My Heart’ DAYNE
Thanos, to the Avengers FOE
Trail mix ingredients NUTS
Twisty curve ESS
Under siege BESET
Units on an electric bill KILOWATTS
Venmo, e.g APP
Where you’re actually going when you ‘see a man about a horse’ TOILET
___ Pilate PONTIUS
___ to secrecy SWORN