New York Times, Wednesday, September 7, 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
’30 for 30′ airer ESPN
‘And Then There Were ___’ NONE
‘Likewise’ SOAMI
‘My dear fellow’ SIR
‘Potentially’ IMIGHT
‘Veep’ actress Chlumsky ANNA
‘What did the ___ say when it was riding on the back of a turtle? Wheeeee!’ SNAIL
‘___ Diaboliques,’ 1955 Simone Signoret film LES
‘___ knows’ GOD
Actress Amy of ‘Enchanted’ ADAMS
Actress Palmer of ‘Nope’ KEKE
Baby foxes KITS
Bank statement abbr INT
Barely manage, with ‘out’ EKE
Bedouin’s home DESERT
Beefeater, for one GIN
Before, poetically ERE
Cause of fatigue ANEMIA
Cellular blueprint GENOME
Chocolate confection that melts before you eat it LAVACAKE
D.C. tourist spot MALL
Department store chain that began as a corner grocery KOHLS
Diminish WANE
Director Craven WES
Division I players, say ELITES
Encyclopedia volumes, e.g TOMES
Fracases MELEES
Grand Canyon viewpoint RIM
Green prefix ECO
Holder of tent sales REI
IGN’s #1 Video Game Console of All Time NES
Item of wear named after an island BIKINI
J.F.K. alternative LGA
June honoree DAD
Kind of oil in cooking SESAME
Lacking temerity TIMID
Lempira spender HONDURAN
Like a newborn babe INNOCENT
Like canvases, when being painted WET
Like Legos, originally DANISH
Like Thanos in the Marvel universe EVIL
Longtime soda slogan DOTHEDEW
Lunar holiday TET
Mantra, often CHANT
Mellow cheese EDAM
N.Y.C. ave. between Park and Third LEX
Na+, for one ION
Newbie crossword solver’s thought on a Friday GOOGLETIME
Newbie crossword solver’s thought on a Monday IVEGOTTHIS
Newbie crossword solver’s thought on a Thursday WHATINHELL
Newbie crossword solver’s thought on a Tuesday WISHMELUCK
Newbie crossword solver’s thought on a Wednesday IDLIKESOMEHINTS
Not included EXEMPT
Off-road transport, for short ATV
Part of a bridle BIT
Part of Caesar’s boast ISAW
Place people walk into for jokes? BAR
Potables in kiddush and the Eucharist WINES
Prepared for a surprise party, in a way HID
Real beauty GEM
Rubs the wrong way IRKS
Said ‘hello’ from a distance WAVED
Samosa veggie PEA
Scatter, as seed SOW
Scourge BANE
Scratched the surface? ETCHED
Sent away, as a pest SHOOED
Some flock members EWES
Something you should hold onto, in an expression HAT
Start of a courtroom oath IDO
Top of a can LID
User-edited websites WIKIS
Very secretive sort ENIGMA
Where many hands may be at work SHIP
Where the action happens SET
Winter sights at New York’s Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park RINKS
___ Holmes, sleuth in young-adult fiction ENOLA

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