– Apr 1 2018

Clues Answers
”Fox in Socks” author SEUSS
’70s tennis star ASHE
83 Across native, e.g SLAV
Additional attempts, informally DOOVERS
Aircraft stabilizer FIN
Alphabetic trio BCD
Alpine capital BERNE
Antagonist FOE
Antique dealer’s concerns PATINAS
Appetizer, on a 2 Down STARTER
Apple product ITUNES
Apple product PIE
As __ (as possible) CANBE
Back from shore leave ABOARD
Baskets in jai alai CESTAS
Bay of __ (water north of Spain) BISCAY
Be adequate SERVE
Be situated LIE
Become alcohol FERMENT
Become frazzled TIRE
Become frazzled WEAR
Bewildered FOGGY
Big celebrations GALAS
Big name in blenders OSTER
Black Sea nation BULGARIA
Blot gently DABAT
Bopper starter TEENY
Bovine bellow MOO
Bumblers OAFS
Bygone bird DODO
Cable service add-on DVR
Cantina condiment SALSA
Chinese soup staple BEEFNOODLES
Corn serving EAR
Country singer McCoy NEAL
Course list MENU
Decide (to) OPT
Declaration of inflammation IMMAD
Diamond, e.g STONE
Director who’s a director’s daughter SOFIACOPPOLA
Do laps in a pool SWIM
Dr. Salk’s conquest POLIO
Durable wood TEAK
Edit in or out EMEND
Effect of erosion LOSS
Emphatic denial NOSIR
Emphatic denial IAMSO
Entwined LACED
Exploits DEEDS
Facial feature EYE
Farm family BROOD
Fashion monthly ELLE
Filled with sarcasm ACERBIC
Five diamonds, perhaps FLUSH
French school ECOLE
Furthest west, on a map LEFTMOST
Get into an outfit DRESS
Gets a promotion CLIMBS
Glinda’s creator BAUM
Global extreme POLE
Go last END
Good-natured KINDLY
Govt. security TBOND
Have a cow CALVE
Help out AID
Hero of hard-boiled fiction TEC
High principles IDEALS
In an intense manner FEROCIOUSLY
In great shape HALE
Intimidating FEARSOME
Clues Answers
IRA alternative KEOGH
Jazz pianist/bandleader BASIE
Jockey’s garb SILKS
Just hanging around IDLE
Knotted up TIED
Kraft merger partner of 2015 HEINZ
Lab activity TESTS
Leave home for lunch EATOUT
Lentil, for instance BEAN
Less than scintillating DRY
Magna __ CARTA
Majestic GRAND
Medicinal gel source ALOE
Mental impression IDEA
Morning fare EGGS
Much too interested NOSY
Necessity MUSTHAVE
NHL or NBA stats PTS
Nobel’s invention DYNAMITE
Northern Italian region PIEDMONT
Novices TYROS
One-celled creature AMOEBA
Pantene rival PRELL
Part of the eye IRIS
Part used for stopping BRAKEPAD
Peach, in a Dahl story GIANT
Persists with KEEPSAT
Picturesque caverns GROTTOES
Pizazz OOMPH
Play up STRESS
Poet’s preposition ERE
Puppy plaint WHINE
Put something over on DUPED
Revered figure IDOL
Rio Grande city LAREDO
Roll of cloth BOLT
Rural roof adornments VANES
Scenic view VISTA
Seminole leader CHIEFOSCEOLA
Shuttle to the Space Shuttle SOYUZ
Snakelike swimmer EEL
Something newsworthy ITEM
Sound nostalgic SIGH
Sound of amusement TEHEE
Soup sung of in ”That’s Amore” PASTAFAZOOL
Spanish architect GAUDI
Speak with pride BOAST
Spooky EERIE
Sticks up for DEFENDS
Stoic philosopher ZENO
Stopped from squeaking OILED
Supplants by force USURPS
Support for a motion SECOND
Swedish autos no longer made SAABS
Technology webmag INFOWORLD
Timetable listing STOPS
To this day STILL
Tribal carving TOTEM
Two-plant mergers GRAFTS
Urban pollution SMOG
Wasn’t up to par AILED
Wee hour ONEAM
Well, in Paris or Panama BIEN
Where Moses floated NILE
Where some screenwriters train FILMSCHOOLS
Withstand TAKE
Withstood BORNE
Wood shaver PLANE
Works on, as dough KNEADS

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