– Apr 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Ghost Hunters” airer SYFY
”SNL” employee’s creation SALARIEDSPOOF
”Sunday Morning” reporter KOPPEL
”Super,” slangily UBER
”__ sport!” BEA
41 Down hardware KEGS
Anomalous radar reading UFO
Asian auto KIA
Became wearisome PALLED
Biblical grandson ENOS
Caviar portion GLOB
Certain undercover agent MOLE
Chi preceder TAI
Command to a canine LEAVEIT
Crafter’s establishment BREWPUB
Cruise around Hollywood TOM
Cry that sounds like a quartet FORE
Darkest hours NIGHT
Disgruntled SORE
Drive-thru menu item SODA
Especially advantageous GOLDEN
Everyday article THE
Gossipy group SCHMOOZERS
Graceless guy APE
Greenlit OKED
Hardly 22 Across at all RARE
Hayek’s artist role KAHLO
Hired hand AIDE
Hostile force FOE
Hrs. in August DST
In that event IFSO
Introspective sect ZEN
Just chillin’ IDLE
Keep from escaping SEALIN
Late night TV host KIMMEL
Lord’s Prayer repeated word THY
Lyrical tribute ODE
Make a mend SEW
MD’s reading EEG
Miembro de la Unión Europea ESPANA
Minor worker COG
Mix-up of the three other long answers, utopia for today’s victim FOOLSPARADISE
Money moving INFLOWS
NASA excursion EVA
No good EVIL
No longer endangered SAFE
Not more than ONLY
Notable descendant of 9 Down NOAH
Passing through VIA
Pays a call DROPSBY
Seats at a service PEWS
Secluded corner NOOK
Shrimp platter display SPIRALSEAFOOD
Since, on some signs EST
Small dog, for short POM
Soccer chant OLEOLE
Software’s hidden surprises EASTEREGGS
Spotted SEEN
Stream bottom BED
Taiwanese director’s first name ANG
Takes off on colts PARODIESFOALS
Turnpike topper ASPHALT
TV toon shopkeeper APU
Two-band AMFM
Type of column OPED
What a coup might end ERA
What some caddies hold TEA
Where to come in out of the rain MUDROOM
Window treatment support ROD
Wisecrack GIBE
__ butter SHEA

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