– Apr 10 2018

Clues Answers
”Roses __ red . . .” ARE
”Steppenwolf” author Hermann HESSE
A second time AGAIN
Baseball arbiter UMP
Being pulled from behind INTOW
Besides that ELSE
Biblical song PSALM
Big coffee dispenser URN
Catch in a trap SNARE
Clear-sky color BLUE
Clothing tag LABEL
Computer screen images ICONS
Country club game GOLF
CPR expert EMT
Diner handout MENU
Director Spike LEE
Dry as a desert ARID
Earl Grey and oolong TEAS
Exam mark GRADE
Extremely angry LIVID
Factual TRUE
Fellow just hired NEWGUY
Ferry or canoe BOAT
Gas in a diner sign NEON
Hawaiian garlands LEIS
Heading of a chore list TODO
Horse-stopping shout WHOA
In the __ (long ago) PAST
Increase in size GROWTH
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
Is unable to CANT
Islam’s Almighty ALLAH
Ivy League school in Philly PENN
Jekyll’s alter ego HYDE
Last word of the ”Happy Birthday” song YOU
Clues Answers
Listening closely ALLEARS
Loch __ monster NESS
Look without blinking STARE
Lowest poker card DEUCE
Madrid’s country SPAIN
Makes, as a salary EARNS
March Madness org NCAA
Message from a teacher SEEME
Miner’s find ORE
Molars, for example TEETH
Off __ (away from others) TOTHESIDE
Off __ (beginning well) ANDRUNNING
Off __ (not vigilant) ONESGUARD
Off __ (straying from the subject) ONATANGENT
Opera solo ARIA
Palm tree fruit DATE
Phrase shouted before fencing ENGARDE
Polish, as shoes SHINEUP
Portrait holder FRAME
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Prefix meaning ”all” OMNI
Ram’s offspring LAMB
Ram’s remark BAA
Refuse to share HOG
Robin Hood’s missile ARROW
Rudely sarcastic SNIDE
Scent detectors NOSES
Scratch up MAR
Sedan or convertible AUTO
Skeptical LEERY
Solid part of orange juice PULP
Strauss of jeans LEVI
Therefore HENCE
Tire’s pattern TREAD
Topped with frosting ICED
Walk inside ENTER
Winged mammal BAT
Without any skill INEPT

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