– Apr 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”By all means!” SURE
”Grrrr!” IMMAD
”Steppenwolf” author HESSE
”Vogue” competitor ELLE
”West Side Story” group STREETGANG
”__ be in touch” ILL
Activated, as a security system ARMED
Advance promo TEASERAD
Aquarium fish TETRA
Arabian Nights group HAREM
Arctic Ocean obstacle FLOE
Available for rent TOLET
Backs of boats STERNS
Ballpark cheer leader MASCOT
Ballpark levels TIERS
Baskin-Robbins rival TCBY
Battle of the Bulge region ARDENNES
Began to unravel FRAYED
Belgian artist Magritte RENE
Biblical queen’s land SHEBA
Big __ (California region) SUR
Blue mood FUNK
Caesarean rebuke ETTU
Campus courtyard QUAD
Cans for cookies TINS
Canterbury pilgrim REEVE
Cap-and-gown group SENIORCLASS
Card-playing group BRIDGECLUB
Central Georgia city MACON
Coffee, so to speak JOE
Coin holder PURSE
College official REGENT
Continuously EVER
Dallas campus, familiarly SMU
Deck quartet ACES
Decorate differently REDO
Development steps STAGES
Diminish over time ERODE
Director Kazan ELIA
Dressing bottle CRUET
Driving range array TEES
Drought enders RAINS
Either of two Kennedy Center Honors singers HORNE
Elite sports group ALLSTARTEAM
En __ (as a group) MASSE
End of some hammers PEEN
Endowment donor, often ALUM
Escalator part RAIL
Eve’s eldest CAIN
Fictional Doone LORNA
Files litigation SUES
Fireplace frame GRATE
Flood barrier LEVEE
Flowing rock LAVA
Flows back EBBS
Follow, as advice ACTON
Founding Father nickname BEN
Fountain near the Pantheon TREVI
French Revolution figure MARAT
Frog hangout POND
Game show group CAMERACREW
Get the picture SEE
Giga- times 1,000 TERA
Gone from one’s plate EATEN
Grand slam foursome RBIS
Group of parishioners FLOCK
Having the know-how ABLE
Helps out AIDS
Herb in stuffing SAGE
Heroic act DEED
Hibachi fuel COALS
High points ACMES
High-tech door opener FOB
Highly sought-after COVETED
Identifies silently POINTSAT
Immigration island ELLIS
Immunization fluid SERUM
Ingrained routine HABIT
Intent look STARE
Kite appendage TAIL
Lake north of Ohio ERIE
Lawbreaking group CRIMERING
Legal rights org ACLU
Literary twist IRONY
Loses for a while MISLAYS
Lowly laborer PEON
Mall markdowns SALES
Many-acre residence ESTATE
Mar.-Nov. period DST
Moody rock music EMO
More frosty ICIER
Musical homage group TRIBUTEBAND
Mystical sign OMEN
Mythical fulfillment specialist GENIE
Noble Brits PEERS
Not old enough UNDERAGE
Not the original color DYED
Nudged rudely ELBOWED
Offend, informally MIFF
Old-time anesthetics ETHERS
Ornamental vase URN
Overly proper PRIM
Paid out SPENT
Parts of large parcels ACRES
Pencil remnant NUB
Percussive group DRUMCIRCLE
Pied Piper’s followers RATS
Pitchfork-shaped letter PSI
Port near Naples SALERNO
Preposition in odes ERE
Pupil surrounder IRIS
Record one’s arrival SIGNIN
Regretful comment ALAS
Rescue group SEARCHPARTY
S&L convenience ATM
Salad morsel BEAN
San __, PR JUAN
Santa __, CA ANA
Singles in a 39 Down ONES
Slangy side dish TATER
Smooths (out) EVENS
Some RN setups IVS
Sorority letter RHO
Steed’s restraint REIN
Sub __ (covertly) ROSA
Takes a break RESTS
Tech support group GEEKSQUAD
Teen bane ACNE
Theme park shuttle TRAM
Threshold VERGE
Tissuelike THIN
Too trusting NAIVE
Toon ogre SHREK
Vacation rental CAR
Vane direction EAST
Vintner brothers’ surname GALLO
Waikiki welcome ALOHA
Weight measures for whales TONS
What kings are called SIRE
When trains are due: Abbr ETAS
Wife of Abraham SARAH
Winter bug FLU
Within reach NEAR
WWW addresses URLS
__ acid (DNA component) AMINO
__-serif typeface SANS

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