– Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
$100 bill, familiarly CNOTE
”Citizen Kane” star ORSONWELLES
”Gone With the Wind” surname OHARA
”Hey, you!” PSST
”High” time of day NOON
”Hit the Road Jack” singer RAYCHARLES
”__ got to stop meeting . . .” WEVE
32-piece pastime CHESS
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Admit guilt, with ”up” FESS
Angry feeling IRE
Apple leftover CORE
As such PERSE
At least that much NOLESS
At no charge FREE
Batman’s hideout CAVE
Break a sweat PERSPIRE
Breaking into bits SMASHING
Checkers and 64 Across GAMES
Chocolate named for a horsewoman GODIVA
Comedian known for his insults DONRICKLES
Cookie Monster’s color BLUE
Decreases, as revenue FALLSOFF
Division of the KC Chiefs AFC
Examines closely EYES
Fencer’s weapon EPEE
Fold in some skirts PLEAT
Fuel for freeways GAS
Gem surface FACET
Gets away in a hurry FLEES
Glide down slopes SKI
Golf hazard TRAP
Golfer’s warning FORE
Goof up ERR
Graceful long-necked bird SWAN
Hot under the collar SORE
Immediately, in a memo ASAP
Korean metropolis SEOUL
Letters on tanning lotion SPF
Clues Answers
Long fish EEL
Luxurious POSH
Major German river RHINE
Make ready, informally PREP
Mardi __ GRAS
Middling poker pair NINES
Missouri’s __ Mountains OZARK
Money-saving, in brand names ECONO
Not being used IDLE
Old-school cheer RAH
Operatic solo ARIA
Pest on a poodle FLEA
Portuguese island group AZORES
Possess HAVE
Pre-meal prayer BLESSING
Ramble around ROAM
Request to enter ASKIN
River sediment SILT
Scent ODOR
Serbian tennis great MONICASELES
Soul-seller of legend FAUST
Stew veggies PEAS
Stop for a moment PAUSE
Stunt driver’s movie job CHASE
Sugar amts TSPS
Swimming pool exercises LAPS
Takes forcibly WRESTS
Tall rural building SILO
The Big __ Theory BANG
The head guy MRBIG
Turndowns NOES
Twosome PAIR
Unexpected obstacle HITCH
Up, on a map NORTH
Uttered, as opposed to written ORAL
Venetian blind strip SLAT
Walk back and forth PACE
Wine’s aroma NOSE
Zebra’s neck hair MANE

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