– Apr 12 2018

Clues Answers
”Daily Bruin” publisher UCLA
”Just __ suspected!” ASI
”Mostly Ghostly” author RLSTINE
”Please?” CANI
”The Last Jedi” general LEIA
”With __ ring . . .” THIS
”Yeah, that’ll happen” IBET
A/C measures BTUS
Accepting bookings OPEN
An official New Delhi language HINDI
Apple for joggers IPOD
Bailiwick AREA
Become wearisome PALL
Biblical passage TEXT
Bracket shapes ELS
Breakfast specialist IHOP
Cheese akin to Gouda EDAM
Dark ”couleur” NOIR
Delt neighbor PEC
DHL alternative FEDEX
Dwarf planet since 2006 PLUTO
Egg white ALBUMEN
Exotic smoothie ingredient ACAI
Fall behind LAG
Falls away slowly ERODES
First-aid device SPLINT
Fit out EQUIP
Give in, so to speak CAVE
Guppies in your fishtank HOMESCHOOL
Hold ’em starter ANTE
Intersected MET
It may be said with a shrug DUNNO
Just the way it sits ASIS
Language of Iran FARSI
Let loose UNTIE
Let up EASED
Lions at the L.A. or Central Park zoo CIVICPRIDE
Made haste SPED
Clues Answers
Make do COPE
Makes haste RUNS
Miniseries episode PART
Miscellaneous things STUFF
More sensible SANER
Muscular BEEFY
Network junction NODE
Nostalgic number OLDIE
Oxen pulling plows FARMTEAM
Paper + string toy KITE
Parking sticker DECAL
Periphery EDGES
Personal identity SELF
Plasma particles IONS
Plum, for instance PURPLE
Poetic contraction NEER
Professor’s delivery LECTURE
Quick to complain TESTY
Rooters for Bulldogs ELIS
Scrabble one-pointers ESSES
See 31 Down DECO
Send to cloud nine ELATE
Shillelagh land ERIN
Snowmass machine SKILIFT
Sommelier offerings REDS
St. __ (spring-break locale) PETE
Stuttgart automaker PORSCHE
Taxing trip TREK
Town near Santa Fe TAOS
Triangular outer-wall section GABLE
Tweeter, for one USER
Uncomplicated, as a process ONESTEP
Unrattled SERENE
Weathervane turner GUST
Wipe clean ERASE
With 1 Down, retro style ART
With a watery habitat AQUATIC
Young misbehaving wolves BRATPACK
__ qua non SINE

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