– Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
”Cheers” lead role MALONE
”__ for Evidence” EIS
Adjective in acoustics SONIC
Amazon habitat ETAIL
Application USE
Baseball brawls RHUBARBS
Berliner’s 35 Across EINS
Brand of foam balls NERFS
Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend LOLA
Bumper’s declaration IRAISE
Certain ID issuer DMV
Common Market, for short EEC
Conveys SENDS
Cubic Rubik ERNO
Dictionary notation ABBR
Ecuadorean encouragement OLE
Emotion of the 30 Across ANGER
Faint of heart CRAVEN
Fall quickly DIVE
Filmdom’s Zhivago SHARIF
First ”Sherlock” airer BBC
Fox facility FILMSET
French comedic playwright MOLIERE
Froggy-sounding card game CRIBBAGE
Froggy-sounding decorations RIBBONS
Froggy-sounding hoops skill DRIBBLING
Froggy-sounding water CARIBBEAN
Froggy-sounding writing SCRIBBLE
Getting too much OVERPAID
Harmonizes SYNCS
Have mercy, in Latin masses MISERERE
Hindu mister SRI
Israel’s first UN delegate EBAN
Kentucky Derby beverage JULEP
Clues Answers
Kimono sash OBI
Large beetles JUNEBUGS
Large ex-lake ARALSEA
Legendary golden place ELDORADO
Let go of legally CEDE
Likeness at a protest EFFIGY
Low digit ONE
Make hostile ALIENATE
Maybelline owner LOREAL
Molina, in ”Frida” RIVERA
Now out PASSE
Now up RISEN
Overindulge, with ”on” DOTE
Oxford ties LACES
Phoenix neighbor MESA
Poet’s ”da-DA, da-DA” IAMBS
Poetic form ODE
Possible Persian perch LIMB
Prone to cross words SURLY
Rather definitive turndown NEVER
River near Rugby AVON
Rugby play SCRUM
Run in NAB
Sch. overlooking the Hudson RPI
Significant period ERA
Sinister EVIL
Software revision, for short MOD
Some Daytona racers BMWS
Swimsuit section BRA
Tart-tasting fruit SLOE
Tip politely DOFF
Type of convenience store BODEGA
Uncool one DWEEB
White-rindy cheese BRIE
Widespread distinction RENOWN
Working together ASATEAM
Yanks’ land USOFA

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