Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 14 2018

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Clues Answers
”A Boy’s Best Friend” of kid lit LASSIE
”Bottle with the doves” perfume brand RICCI
”Smart Fiesta” kit seller OLDELPASO
AFI’s #15 movie quote ETPHONEHOME
Already ready PRESET
Any property ASSET
Ate, with ”away” PUT
Bays, for example CRIES
Be very persistent PRESS
Certain extremities TIPS
Chandleresque NOIRISH
Combat-zone engineers SAPPERS
Contemptuous comment NUTS
Dry __ ROT
Durable protectors BASTIONS
Early Internet radio format REALAUDIO
Eloquential gift GAB
Enterprising CANDO
European equivalent of 7 Down SENOR
Explosive in a maritime metaphor PETARD
Extends occupancy, perhaps RERENTS
Flip-top product STENOPAD
Got to know IDED
He fulfilled a burning ambition BUNSEN
Headmaster address SIR
How artichokes may be bought INOIL
Initial encouragement ITSASTART
It’s placed beside the gutter TENPIN
John Glenn, circa 1957 TESTPILOT
Large symbol of Basque nationalism GUERNICA
Making no sense INSANE
Mideast equivalent of 7 Down PASHA
Clues Answers
Misbelief ERROR
Miss descriptor OLE
Music class GENRE
Name on the cover of ”The Seagull” ANTON
Nimitz Highway locale HONOLULU
Nontraditional, for short ALT
Not impartial COLORED
Not just yet ANON
Not until ASSOONAS
One in a dominant movement MAINLINER
Only male-lead Emmy actor for comedy and drama OCONNOR
Opposite of ”blue” ELATED
Penchant BENT
Persistent borrowers SPONGES
Postwar building-boom beneficiaries MOTORLODGES
Quick flight LAM
Quick plunge DIP
Rap-sheet letters DUI
Redundancy, from the Greek PLEONASM
Running-water creation GULLY
Sites for springs OASES
Social network of a sort CASTES
Source of a nasal congestion remedy EPHEDRA
Source of oral-exam assistance ADA
Syfy sister channel USA
Take a trip RIDE
Tasty center ESS
Third word bellowed in a Williams play STELLA
Three-generation motorsports surname ANDRETTI
Under canvas TENTED
Unguarded sporting situation EMPTYNET
Virtual reality images PANORAMAS
Without a stop NOEND