– Apr 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”It’s a secret!” DONTASK
”Solo” starter UNI
”The best __ to come” ISYET
Alias introducer AKA
Anjou alternative BOSC
At a great distance AFAR
Author Elmore LEONARD
Beach transport DUNEBUGGY
Big Island port HILO
Branch of biol ECOL
Cable channel since 1972 HBO
Catalog poser MODEL
Chaps MEN
Circle section ARC
Corner PC key ESC
Costa __ (Nicaragua neighbor) RICA
Defeated soundly TROUNCED
Depleted USEDUP
Director DuVernay AVA
Discontinued, with ”out” PHASED
Doesn’t bet PASSES
Ear pollution DIN
Event for seniors PROM
Feign feelings EMOTE
Formal order DICTUM
Former NBA star __ Gasol PAU
From an earlier time OLDER
Get payback for AVENGE
Get stuck BOGDOWN
Google alternative BING
Got brunch delivered DINEDIN
Groups doing 9 Across gigs DANCEBANDS
Home center section PAINT
HS math GEOM
HS math ALG
Iconic uncle SAM
Imaginative works ART
Lawn coating DEW
Like proverbial peas INAPOD
Like some forest floors MOSSY
Madison’s successor MONROE
Mariner’s milieu SEA
Mason’s trough HOD
Maternity ward figures MAMAS
Mischievous Muppet ERNIE
Move a bit BUDGE
Move with difficulty PLOD
Needle maker FIR
Not secretive OVERT
Not trustful LEERY
Noticeable space GAP
Outcry YELL
Overwhelm BOGGLE
Plumbing supply PIPE
Political campaign RACE
Prayed at the table SAIDGRACE
Price something inexpensively GOLOW
Reba of country music MCENTIRE
Short distance STEP
Slender fastener BRAD
Split to unite ELOPED
Temporary downturn DIP
Tim of country music MCGRAW
To be, in Brittany ETRE
Tried to nip BITAT
Ump’s decision CALL
Vacation rental CAR
Venerable DC Comics team DYNAMICDUO
Viola’s range TENOR
Washer cycle RINSE
Whalebone BALEEN
What Curie was called MADAME
Where small crowns are made DENTALLAB
White Italian wine SOAVE
__ Accepted (phrase on toothpaste) ADA

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