Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 15 2018

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Clues Answers
”Casablanca” heroine ILSA
”Museo” display ARTE
”Star Trek” alien KLINGON
”Tell __ story” MEA
1812 Overture ”instrument” CANNON
1979 Peter Sellers film BEINGTHERE
2016 Pixar film FINDINGDORY
A new color now DYED
Actor Neeson LIAM
Actress Page or Pompeo ELLEN
Alpha __ Minoris (Polaris) URSAE
Annoyingly suave OILY
Antique photo tone SEPIA
Applications USAGES
Arctic plain TUNDRA
Assemble, with ”together” PIECE
Aykroyd/Murphy role-reversal film TRADINGPLACES
Backs with bucks FUNDS
Bend, as biceps FLEX
Big name in the Bundestag ANGELA
Blood-bank units: Abbr PTS
Branch of Islam SUNNI
Cali wine ZIN
Cartridge contents AMMO
Cash advance LOAN
Circle segments ARCS
Citrus peels ZESTS
Clad like a judge ROBED
Closed, as a parka ZIPPERED
Coastal breeze descriptor ONSHORE
Color gradations TONES
Coming after ENSUING
Comprise ARE
Comprises HAS
Concerning, in memos INRE
Concert boxes AMPS
Conks BOPS
Consequences introducer ORELSE
Corporate owner PARENT
Country singer McEntire REBA
Course of action PLAN
Cross a threshold ENTER
Crow’s-nest support MAST
DC baseballer NAT
De Niro’s second Oscar film RAGINGBULL
Demolition material TNT
Denzel Washington’s second Oscar film TRAININGDAY
Disney animated release of 1959 SLEEPINGBEAUTY
Doesn’t retire STAYSON
Down and out NEEDY
Droop SAG
Dull sounds THUDS
End of a kindergarten song EIEIO
Eroded EATEN
Even a single time EVER
Farm enclosure PEN
Fireplace framer MANTEL
First-billed name in” The Iron Lady” MERYL
For a song CHEAPLY
Former Ukr. designation SSR
Fuzzy images BLURS
German article EIN
German urban region RUHR
Gets well HEALS
Golfer Mickelson PHIL
Gradient INCLINE
Gucci of fashion ALDO
Hit the trail HIKED
Horse-drawn carriage SHAY
Important part of a Tell tale APPLE
It means ”adverse to” ANTI
Italian bridge PONTE
Jai __ ALAI
Clues Answers
Japanese verse HAIKU
Jewelry, slangily BLING
Klutzy one OAF
Leg extender STILT
Less iffy SURER
Light melodies LILTS
Lives harmoniously (with) COEXISTS
Low ”nĂºmero” TRES
Lower leg SHIN
Luau locale MAUI
Lunch bread RYE
Matched up MATED
Mel Brooks’ Western spoof BLAZINGSADDLES
Metaphor for a bad start WRONGFOOT
Most morose SADDEST
Mountain pass GAP
Move carefully EASE
Music staff symbols CLEFS
Musk of SpaceX ELON
Nest departer FLEDGLING
Nursery rhyme lad GEORGIE
NY engineering school RPI
Overly delicate FRAIL
Perch appendages FINS
Percussion instrument GONG
Pizza Hut sister brand KFC
Poetic lowland VALE
Poised to reach higher, say ONTIPTOE
Population center CITY
Power measure WATT
Prepare with a skillet FRY
Presented in its entirety UNCUT
Prior to opening EARLY
Ram’s lament BAA
Random stack PILE
Rapper Kendrick LAMAR
Responsible (for) LIABLE
Riding horse MOUNT
Scopes out EYES
Sea kayak stopover ISLET
Seldom seen RARE
Shaken seasoning SALT
Shopping complex MALL
Short, easy putt TAPIN
Should, so to speak OUGHTA
Small bit of progress DENT
Small statue BUST
Small, for short LIL
Some Mideast rulers EMIRS
Soup legume LENTIL
Spanish custard FLAN
Sports coat feature LAPEL
Squeaking bone, e.g DOGTOY
Strong gust BLAST
Substantial MEATY
Swiss mathematician EULER
Term of endearment HON
Tomato variety ROMA
Trade org ASSN
Trepidation FEAR
Twitter titter LOL
Typography measure PICA
Very much ATON
Vieux __ (French Quarter) CARRE
Virtuoso ACE
Wading bird HERON
Web commerce ETAIL
What one may 57 Down EGG
What tech support provides HELP
Where FDR served as a senator ALBANY
Whodunit phrase FOULPLAY
Writer Rand AYN
__ Claire, WI EAU