– Apr 16 2018

Clues Answers
”Here’s to you!”, for one TOAST
”Hey, you!” PSST
”That’s too bad” ALAS
A Great Lake ERIE
A smaller number FEWER
Adolescent TEEN
Ancient fable teller AESOP
And others: Abbr ETAL
Arm joints ELBOWS
Ask formally to appear SUMMON
Baby’s bed CRIB
Back talk SASS
Beef or pork MEAT
Brother of Cain ABEL
Buy stocks or bonds INVEST
Buyer-protection agency CONSUMERAFFAIRS
Cake decorator ICER
Carpet fastener TACK
Catch sight of SPOT
Chop finely MINCE
Church sale BAZAAR
Commonplace USUAL
Competes in a marathon RUNS
Confront boldly FACE
Convent dwellers NUNS
Costumes’ head coverings MASKS
Cowboy show RODEO
Creative thought IDEA
Diamond weight measure CARAT
Driver of flying reindeer SANTA
Emphatic typeface: Abbr ITAL
Fedora or beret HAT
Fender mishap DENT
Flower stalk STEM
Forms of a verb TENSES
Go up a mountain CLIMB
Grown-up boys MEN
Highways: Abbr RTES
Holder for eyeglasses CASE
Clues Answers
In addition ALSO
Informal ”I understand” GOTCHA
Informal language SLANG
Invalidate UNDO
Japan’s continent ASIA
Locale SITE
Major happening EVENT
Make simpler EASE
Metallic rocks ORES
Metered vehicle TAXI
More or __ (approximately) LESS
Most prudent WISEST
Not doing anything IDLE
Not fooled by ONTO
Outlandishly comical ZANY
Paper Mate’s pen rivals BICS
Perched on ATOP
Piece of lettuce LEAF
Portions of corn EARS
Pub drinks ALES
Red vegetables BEETS
Roster LIST
Shorthand expert, for short STENO
Sign up for something ENROLL
Singing groups without sopranos or altos MALECHOIRS
Spouse’s mom or dad INLAW
Sultan’s group of wives HAREM
Take a crack __ (try) ATIT
The __ Ranger (Western hero) LONE
Turn out to be ENDUP
Underway, to Sherlock AFOOT
Volcano outflow LAVA
Watch secretly SPYON
Water-supply storage areas RESERVOIRS
Word-of-mouth ORAL
Yoked animals OXEN
__ of the above (something else) NONE

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