– Apr 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”. . . Judges dependent on __ will alone . . .” (Declaration accusation) HIS
”Cheap” or ”small” stuff TALK
”Hello, gorgeous!” in some parts of the 59 Across CIAOBELLA
Big name in the foundation business AVON
Bike crank, essentially ROTOR
Bogus brown SPRAYTAN
Bracing CRISP
Brief musical excerpt SIXTYFOURTHNOTE
Browns for a bit SAUTES
Certain boutiques HOTELS
Comes down hard STOMPS
Counted in AMONG
Dirt spreader YENTA
Drink served with a spoon straw ICEE
Fancy crafts YACHTS
Gear for golfers and bowlers SKORTS
Gets fixed SETS
Hangouts where TVs hang GYMS
Incentive for a return SASE
Insincere antic accolade REALMATURE
Kilt feature PLEAT
Lacking seasoning GREEN
Little irritants MITES
Measure that sounds like a mantra OHM
Monster first observed in 1980 ELMO
More peaked PALER
Name of Louis XVII’s mom ANTOINETTE
Newlyweds’ habitats LOVENESTS
Newspaper piece SHEET
Not a little lock TRESS
Novelist who wrote in Yiddish ASCH
Old hand ACE
Orally economical TERSE
Over-rehearsed PAT
Parlor implement SCOOP
Part of a Valentine’s Day delivery STEMS
Piece of a Party City package LEI
Pirate hideout, perhaps COVE
Pitch in pits TAR
Place for a padlock HASP
Q preceders LGBT
Racket on the radio PAYOLA
Roaring Twenties fashion accessory TIARA
Rub together GNASH
Seemingly forever EON
Send flying SPEW
Seneca’s ”social animal” MAN
Something dotted with a dash SPICE
Something on the side AVOCATION
Spheres of interest ARENAS
Stance for starting yoga students TREEPOSE
Start to bend KNEE
Starts training BREAKSIN
State with 200+ national parks: Abbr NSW
Sudden move LEAP
Thigh-rotating aid GLUTE
Thumbs-down pair NEITHERNOR
Tickles a lot ELATES
Top with a flop BERET
Top __ TEN
UN economic offshoot IMF
Usually reserved TACITURN
What a toaster may hold STEIN
What impatience might turn into IRE
Where kids eat LEAS
Where kids’ composer Raffi was born CAIRO
Where the Po rises ALPS
Where to get off EXITRAMPS

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