– Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
”Hush up!” CANIT
”Not guilty,” for one PLEA
”That makes sense” ISEE
”__ Off to See the Wizard” WERE
Alternatively ELSE
Alternatively OTHERWISE
Appliances for baking OVENS
Army group UNIT
Astronauts’ org NASA
Attack with snowballs PELT
Be sure of KNOW
Begins to blossom BUDS
Bride’s dress GOWN
Casino’s number-picking game KENO
Chicago airport OHARE
Christmas season YULE
Crafty SLY
Drop __ to (write) ALINE
Easy running gait TROT
Fearsome dinosaur, for short TREX
Female and male SEXES
Fly high SOAR
Flying toy with a tail KITE
Fond hope WISH
Food for a canary SEED
Fortune-teller SEER
Frighten SCARE
General Robert __ ELEE
Got started BEGAN
Greeting in 36 Across ALOHA
Historical periods ERAS
Hoarse-sounding voice RASP
Honolulu’s island OAHU
Hotel patrons GUESTS
Household task to do CHORE
Hurry RUSH
Immediately, in a memo ASAP
In good __ (physically fit) SHAPE
Clues Answers
Land measure ACRE
Low choral voice BASS
Lowly worker PEON
Major for a doctor-to-be PREMED
Makes fun of MOCKS
Massachusetts’ Cape __ COD
Molten rock LAVA
Mystical glows AURAS
No longer obligated OFFTHEHOOK
Notion IDEA
Object of adoration IDOL
One __ time (individually) ATA
Outdoor furniture wood TEAK
Plan in detail MAPOUT
Pool table bounce CAROM
Prima __ (opera star) DONNA
Rabbit’s relative HARE
Sail the seven __ SEAS
Shape of an egg OVAL
Small-minded PETTY
Smartphone app symbols ICONS
Sold in pieces, as pizza BYTHESLICE
Sounded like a baby chick PEEPED
Source of solar energy SUN
Spanish boy NINO
Start up a computer again REBOOT
To no __ (useless) AVAIL
Took a nap SLEPT
Tricked DUPED
Up in the sky ALOFT
Was wearing HADON
West Point students CADETS
What police forces enforce LAWS
Winter outerwear COAT
__ Grey tea EARL
__ time (quickly) INNO
__ weevil (plant pest) BOLL
__-esteem (ego) SELF

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