– Apr 18 2018

Clues Answers
”Beetle Bailey” dog OTTO
”Get lost!” SCRAM
”Once __ time . . .” UPONA
”That’s impressive!” OOH
Accelerator or brake PEDAL
Act too broadly EMOTE
Actor Damon MATT
Adorable child CUTIE
Air-conditioning outlets VENTS
Allow LET
At the summit of ATOP
Attempt, so to speak SHOT
Billion-selling cookie OREO
Break sharply SNAP
Brontë novel heroine EYRE
Buddhist priests LAMAS
Casino cube DIE
Chowder morsel CLAM
Courage that may be ”proven” METTLE
Director Howard RON
Early afternoon TWO
Encountered MET
Engine MOTOR
Escaped from ELUDED
Evolved into BECAME
Footnote abbr ETAL
Formal attire, for short TUX
French sci-fi pioneer VERNE
Gemstone weight measure CARAT
Golf peg TEE
Had dinner at home ATEIN
Hi-fi sound system STEREO
How else can you say ”That’s a bit off”? NOTEXACTLY
ID scanned by cashiers UPC
Ignore all distractions FOCUS
Impresses greatly AWES
In need of a meal UNFED
In the know AWARE
Clues Answers
Job opening SLOT
Kitchen-to-bedroom sound system INTERCOM
Last-place finisher LOSER
Letterhead illustration LOGO
Luxurious residences ESTATES
Main course ENTREE
Make a blunder ERR
Molecule part ATOM
Motorcycle sounds VROOMS
Narrow street LANE
New Orleans cuisine CREOLE
Poe’s black bird RAVEN
Popular fish for sandwiches TUNA
Positive-thinking CANDO
Prefix for function MAL
Public esteem REPUTE
Puppy or parrot PET
Reason for extra innings TIE
Released for home viewing ONDVD
Repetitive learning method ROTE
Shipped off SENT
Small city TOWN
Smallest ship of Columbus NINA
Squad of substitutes BTEAM
Station wagon, for instance AUTO
Sticky situation MESS
Swelled heads EGOS
Table sugar SUCROSE
Tourists’ sightseeing aids AREAMAPS
Trio doubled SEXTET
Underground water source WELL
Used oars ROWED
Was in first place LED
What’s a balance-of-payments stat? NETEXPORTS
What’s Tom Hanks’ job in ”The Post”? NEWSPAPEREDITOR
Where Iberia is EUROPE
Wide belt SASH
Wines and dines WOOS
__ and hearty HALE

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