Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 18 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

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Clues Answers
”Absolutely,” for short TIS
”Charlotte’s Web” cover depiction PIG
”Good question!” GOTME
”Ich gehe,” in Aachen IGO
”Mighty swell” Keats poem subject SEA
”Resume speed” instruction ATEMPO
”The greatest hunter ever to have walked the earth” TREX
”The Sailor’s Bible” adverb ALEE
Absolute or offensive RANK
Affecting PATHETIC
Animation PEP
Another of your facets ALTEREGO
Aquatic Olympians KAYAKERS
Backed up officially ATTESTED
Be insistent PRESS
Book with positronic brains IROBOT
Boy, in Brooklynese UTE
Chance of a loss RISK
Christian __ ERA
Common bit of folk lit TALLTALE
Con’s game in ”The Sting” ROULETTE
Don’t wait ACT
Eminent Knesset member EBAN
Ex-governor with a 2015 presidential run PATAKI
Exculpate CLEAR
Exotic source for feather dusters RHEA
Fighter subject of ”Million Dollar Genius” FOREMAN
Five-sided cardboard box SLIPCASE
Gave an endorsement OKD
GI Bill advocate NEA
Google and Facebook, at first STARTUPS
Improvised STOPGAP
Into popularity ONTHEMAP
It sounds like an inspiration ERE
Label on Small Planet foods USDAORGANIC
Latter-day starter for agriculture ECO
Lumbar vertebrae on dinner plates TBONES
Memorabilia suffix ANA
Moneymaking picture takers REDLIGHTCAMERAS
More than nifty TERRIF
Mostly-mutant peacekeepers XMEN
Name from the Greek for ”wisdom” SOPHIA
New York school with Gaels teams IONA
Pater Noster pronoun THY
Physicist name on the Eiffel Tower AMPERE
Pop of breakfast fame ELF
Prepares for a take-off UNZIPS
Reckoned, with ”up” SUMMED
Record producer’s production LOG
Response to a remarkable remark ISTHATSO
Ride-home providers in an ’82 film ETS
S&L stat APR
She may have dude blindness FANGIRL
Sleeve extension LET
Sondheim title character SEURAT
Squash, for short ZUKE
Stake of a sort POST
Superhero symbol since 1939 BAT
SWAT team equipment GASGRENADES
Take up USE
Territory initially including Idaho DAKOTA
The ”Star Wars” cantina? SPACEBAR
They ”won the West,” per John Wayne STETSONS
Trade-in value calculator ASSESSOR
Underground comix pioneer RCRUMB
USA officer employer TSA
Wellington, to Napoleon NEMESIS
What was Watt? SCOT
Won’t be overruled STANDS
Wow-worthy GLAM
Young Adult novel pioneer SEHINTON